A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

shamaniby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends and Fans of the Selection of True Awakening Experiences!!
my name is Edith Boyer Telmer, I am founder and director of New Beginnings Guatemala, and today February 8th 2016 is my 48th Birthday!! It is also the first day of the Chinese Astrological Calendar, which means from now on we are dancing to the beating drums of the fire monkeys demand. This are extra blessings for the birthday girl, as I am a Monkey in Chinese Astrology myself ;-)! And it is the day I am celebrating my personal awakening path, with this contribution to the FREE E-BOOK  inspired by Barbara Franken, by sharing where I  find myself now… on my unique awakening journey!

I was born, as an Indigo Child, a Highly Sensitive, Empathic Person, have the traits of a Visionary, I am an Introvert and can manifest my desires thru conscious dream-creation. I feel very deep strong shamanic roots in me, which resulted in an early confrontation with death. The first time I nearly died in this lifetime, was when I was 11month old, from there on death never really left my side anymore. I was born as the youngest child in a family of eight, with 2 sisters and 3 brothers. Nothing special or extraordinary on the outside, but on the inside I had a hard time growing up.
To live in an environment where all of this terms (and explanations for character typical expressions) where alien to other family members, my friends, teacher and trainer, made it impossible for me to live my energy authentically. As there was much physical violence in my core family, I reacted to life with self-destructive pattern. Over the years I got depressed, I had suicidal thoughts that I ones tried to put in action (when I was 12 and my family fell apart), but manly manifested thru the tendency to attract dangerous people into my life. 0119In 1993 I got introduced to the techniques of meditation, shamanic journeying, deep hypnoses and tipped my toes into the first awakening teachings. But when I turned 30 the wheels really started turning, and directing me towards the first steps of the path that I am still walking. I quit my job in the “normal work world”, started putting more attention on the truthful information energetic vibrations bring, and gained back my sensitivity and ability to see behind the scenes. I grew stronger in trusting myself and made more and more healthy decisions for my life. Leading up to 2005, I was already well training in many healing methods back than and had lead the first workshops and day retreats, when I asked for divine guidance to my calling, the job I came here on earth to do. The answer could not have been bigger a surprise as it was I will find my purpose not in Austria (my original birth country), but in Guatemala. I went on a 5 week trip, discovered the little town of my soul contract, and courageously left Austria within the year.
Much has happened within this past 10 years. I healed, I walked every path I had to take in order to again become the same authentic, innocently loving, playfully childlike creating being, that I was when I came into this world – with some helpful upgrades on conscious navigation of life on planet earth. I have build a home and started understanding my new life as entrepreneurship. I started sharing my desire for a loving collective humanity, first only New Beginnings, over time also here on internet and on social media. My relationships are of loving and supportive character now, and I feel safe, happy, guided and blessed with every step I take.nHave you ever heard the quote from the picture above?? Well, I gave it a try last year. After 3years apart from my country of origin, I not only went back home to visit family and friends in Austria, I also chose to live with my mother. My 84year old, in her daily habits and routines frozen mother, who I love dearly, and who is just as ignorant for as she is defensive against, every other life approach, life rhythm or purpose, than hers. It was an interesting experience and I not gonna lie, it did not go entirely well, but the dynamics I still detected alive between us, I saw myself transforming with other people by now.
And about 2 month ago, I gave myself the present of claiming my immortal self into manifestation. What that means is that I channeled my spiritual right to choose time and circumstances of my own physical death. As I could feel that the roots of my family tree are finally cleared, and I feel finally entirely free!
To complete the picture I blessed myself with many little acts of cleaning out the ultimate clutter of false people from my life. And have been clearing, purging, detoxing, purifying, and releasing the leftovers of ones was pain, into the light of unconditional love.
The 2016 Fire Monkey year, promises to be an inspirational and successful year for artists, entrepreneurs and basically anyone with the courage to keep changing and flowing, self-transforming and consciously growing. I do all of that and so I am looking with hopeful and blissful eyes, expecting the best to come during the 12 month of this monkey year. The dream-creator in me has dreamed a long time and in this year some of the impressions of my life will flow into a Tarot Deck, that I am creating together with a long-term friend of mine who will contribute the illustrations. And because I love sharing the awakening experience with others, because I have a voice and I like to be heard, I am playing with the thought of a guest appearance on American Radio this year.
How do you feel about the possibility to discuss questions about the collective awakening process, direct with me on the radio??edith-pinkDear Ones, what can I say, as I am asked right now where I  find myself… on my unique awakening journey… I feel blessed, I feel loved, I feel happy every day, I feel grateful simply for being alive and I feel completely ready to dance this year of the monkey power, with the tribe of my heart and soul… into our version of manifestations for the Golden Age of Aquarius here on planet earth!
Big Hug to you all, love and I hope you too will have fun dancing your dreams alive 2016!!!

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27 comments on “A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

  1. Edith.. Happy birthday divine aquarian sister of mine… and Thankyou for sharing your beautiful awakening with us all… Our free E Book is going to inspire so many people… It is also when Iam with family and that I discover that my old patterns and ties are severed… Or not… Do you mind adding a link to the bottom of your post with tomorrows post. Thankyou and much love to you Edith X barbara

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  3. Happy birthday,beautiful divine goddess!! Today is also my birthday and I was also born in a monkeyyear(1992) so I feel very close and connected to your spirit right now. Wishing you all the best and lots of love

  4. Happy Birthday dear one. May your day be full of joy. Here its snowing again. On Feb 8, 2016 12:02 AM, “New Beginnings Guatemala” wrote:

    > newbeginningsguatemala posted: “by Edith Boyer-Telmer Dear Friends and > Fans of the Selection of True Awakening Experiences!! my name is Edith > Boyer Telmer, I am founder and director of New Beginnings Guatemala, and > today February 8th 2016 is my 48th Birthday!! It is also the first d” >

  5. happy birthday 2 uI enjoy reading this article of yours..yes we must live our life as we wantit. every day ur article works as a teacher for my growth..among  writingby other.tqvm 4 sharing.

    ur r loved 4 ur love jas b (malaysia)

  6. Happy birthday! And thank you for sharing your moving story. What a courageous step to go from Austria to Guatemala! It is wonderful and inspiring to see how your life has changed.
    Peace and blessings,

    • Dear Karin,
      thank you so much for your kindness and blessings… i am so happy to hear my steps can be inspiration for others ;-).. that is what a writer is writing for… to express authentic truth AND be heard ;-)… THANK YOU!! Love and Blessings Edith

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  8. Happy Belated Birthday! It’s a real pleasure to meet you as a fellow participant in the awakening stories. I, too, am a Monkey – a Metal Monkey in Chinese astrology. I loved reading about how your life had changed so dynamically over time. Let us enjoy this year! Blessings to you and much Peace, Ka

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  11. Edith, Thank you for sharing your journey, as “Our” journey rings truths for me.
    joining in consciousness with you my friend in this year of the monkey! Heart to heart Robyn.

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