Achieving Self-Mastery by Documenting the Synchronicity of Number Sequences

The person overcomes difficulties and aspires to the purpose and dream.

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
if you are following my blog on a regular base that you heard me talking about the incoming Angel messages that are transmitted to us on a regular base, by the appearance of number sequences, that enter repeatedly our awareness. So far I shared with you how this numbers now are changing with more rapid speed, together with the
exhilaration rate of our collective awakening process, and what  content these messages have at different moments in time. In my post “Recognizing Divine Energy Pattern” I also shared how we can gain deeper insiders into the details of the divine blueprint for life, if we monitor the different pattern in their movement. Today I want to add how all of this can be a major key for the Art of Human Self-Mastery.
When we are dealing with numbers we are always playing with a key to decode the divine origin of the universe. Remember from school that every song written in notes, can also be written down in numbers!? That is in essence the wisdom of numerology. The understanding, that every number on earth, also represents a divine sound!! And as human beings in essence as well are creations of light and frequency, with a particular sound pattern and a vibration as fingerprint, numbers are always good friends to receive information and insides from. When we seek to achieve self-mastery in devotion, humility and purity to the divine guidance of our higher self, we can use this knowledge for tracking the multi-dimensional sidearms of the impact the number sequences guidance and teachings so far had on us.c

Here are the steps how it goes:
1. Buy yourself a notebook
Make it a nice one!! Go and treat yourself to an especially beautiful notebook. Make already the purchase a part of the ritual for your coming steps of self-mastery. Keep it on you at any time, so you can immediately react when a special number sequence starts popping up for you, as a wake up call to center your awareness NOW!

2. Write Down The Dates When The Numbers Appear

To write a record of the dates when you see a number sequence, helps to create a mental map of the collective energy field involved. For example if you see a number combination more frequently than others and you write down the dates, you can further look up more relate information about this day. Impacts with an collective influence like special stellar constellations, or massive earth movement. Over time you will get accustomed to reading the pattern and that will lead you to  deeper insides how your Spirit Guides work to guide your mental and emotional process. And as a natural result of your newly developed ability to track the pattern of creation, you gain much more clarity over meaning and directions of the messages to come.

3. Take A Note Of Your Situation, Location and Feelings
When you see a repeating sequence, remember what you were thinking or feeling at that moment. Take a mental snapshot or write down that thought or feeling for your recording. Note the date first so that you later don’t forget to look at the moment from the bigger picture. The sign you see next, and then the thought and/or feeling just prior to seeing it. Try and be as detailed as possible in detecting primary thoughts, primary feelings, sub-thoughts, sub-feelings, plans and ideas you had on your mind at that moment. You can do that with as many number sequences seen on the same day as you wish. If it is a number sequence you are not familiar with, see if you find the meaning in this article or the angel message in the introduction . It is neither important nor can it be pushed to understand immediately what this may mean to you, or how it relates to your life, but make a note anyway. If you feel clear about the sign’s meaning and guidance for you in that moment, then record it follow it, and see to which divine blessing it leads you.astet4. Watch The Outcome Unfold
If you are passionate about this practice and keep going a while, you will naturally collect several number sequences you see over different periods of time. By keeping such a record going, you will be able to see number sequences manifesting into human action and detect details of their influence on the collective, as well as your personal life. And over time, you develop the ability to see the real reason for the different signs given, at different moments in time. So by recording the outcome of a guidance seen and followed, enables us to see the pattern of the divine blueprint and the methods our spirit guides use in order to reach our human, constantly occupied ears!! Following all of that in first-hand experience, allows us to relax into the feeling of faith, that everything truly happens for a reason, whether we are aware of it or not!

The rest my dear ones is just a matter of refining and increasing our purity, by listening well and following without discussion, doubt or change to the directions. If we do that we always walk within the divine plan for our personal life and therefor stop the creation of suffering from within us. Not to engage with suffering and pain anymore, while being capable of holding the awareness for their existence on the planet, is what we call Self-Mastery… The inner mastery of timelines – the integration of space and time – the homecoming of the united spirits endlessness into the diversity and limitations in expression, thru human beings in physical human bodies, on planet earth.

My Friends, I hope this little guide to Self Mastery by Numbers 😉 has inspires you to take full advantage of the endless blessings that the Angelic Realms are transmitting to us daily. Listen to voices and vibrations of the numbers, and unveil the guidance of your own higher-self and personal spirit guides! I hope you have fun playing with the Angels, personally I find them quite a jolly crowd to hang out with ;-)!!
Blessings and Angelic Guidance!

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