The Archetype Of The Inner Goddess – The Wolf Full Moon & Pallas Athene

Natureby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
we are standing one day before the peek of the Wolf Full Moon energies and the positive impact as well as the side effects, will be strong. So today it is time for us, to look into the spiritual impact this January Moon in Leo will have on us. The three forces with the most forthcoming energy fields are a higher few for what the symbolism behind the Archetype of the Inner Goddess means for men and women on the awakening path; what it means for us that this moon is caring the traits of a Wool Full Moon and the inner powers that unfold for us, when we connect with the abilities and guidance of the Goddess Pallas Athena. So lets see what that means.
From the post I shared about keys how to Master our Multi-dimensional self:
The Key to the Sixth Dimension is the activation of the Creative and Magical Imagination, and creation through archetypes, stories, and the “god/goddess” energy. The Mythical Imagination is the “loom” on which you weave the magical stories of life. In order to be able to participate in the creation and manifestation of the New Earth story or dream, you must be able to walk in the “Dream Time” of the Sixth Dimension. In order to achieve this level of Conscious Creativity, you will need to activate your Magical Imagination through creativity; art, story telling, poetry, dance, music….. whatever creative forms inspire your soul to magical expression. In these activities, you “play” with the muses of inspiration and are inspired by the elemental and archetypal energies that create rivers of meaning in the material world. Ans this Full Moon provides us with an invitation to step up and into the Sixth Dimension, where we will master the Creative Imagination and the Realm of Archetypes. And that leads us to Goddess Pallas Athena.aPallas Athena is a Goddess from the Greek mythology. Athena was known as the favorite daughter of Zeus, and admired for her story to be born fully armed from her fathers forehead, which demonstrated her position as an amazon warrior. She is member of the karmic counsel in the Ascended Master Realms and her Temple in Athens, Greek was one of the few buildings unharmed thru all attacks the city had to suffer!!! As Goddess she carries the attributes of truth, authentic wisdom, an interest in human civilization, our career legacies, our personal and collective achievements, the ability to apply acquired knowledge, human education, social issues and the politics. She is an androgynous goddess who chose to develop a deep relationship with her own inner divine masculine part, and to find her completion and enlightenment that way. Athena’s pure nature, demonstrated an active concern for the well-being of the human within the community and humanities evolution in general. She was an activist against suffering and injustice and a spiritual leader of her time.

In many shamanic and indigenous traditions the Wolf energy is understood as a powerful guide and noble mentor for humankind. In astrology the Wolfs power is represented by the Dog, Sirius the Master Planet, known as the home of the ancient knowledge of mankind. So we should use this full moon to honor the traditions of our heritage, to honor our elders and participate in tribal rituals!! Wolfs are highly social beings with a wide range of communication skills in body language and use of their voice and have higher developed community skills than human beings! The wolf teaches us to learn about our inner self, to go to the deepest levels of our inner knowing and intuition, to discover our inner power and personal strength and to take well calculated risks while we face our deepest fears. Perfect for the teachings we collectively undergo right now ;-).. And during tomorrows magical Moons event we experience the opposition of the Sun with Pallas Athena in Aquarius, and the Full Moon in Leo. Which is a blessed moment when we can make great strides in  our evolution, Another chance for us to align with the waves of Divine Love and Compassion that are available from the Divine Heart and the stellar constellation. So surrender to the divine feminine powers within during this coming days, and allow the inner goddess to emerge and guide your way from now on!!aaDear Ones, I can see it already… one day we all will be able to look back and be able to say ‘I remember the beginning of that Golden Age, because I was there – an active part of it!!! I hope these symbolic ideas about the Goddess Power within, Pallas Athena and the Wolf Moon inspires you to take full advantage of tomorrows January’s lunar blessings. Listen to the guidance of your own higher-self and personal guides! I wish you integrity, inner peace and strength!!
Blessings an High Vibrations!  Edith

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