What We Truly Need To Be Aware Of To Identify A Sexual Spiritual Predator

a1by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the other day an article made the rounds here, called How to spot a Spiritual Sexual Predator. It made quite some waves on the authors page, but also in the small “oh so very spiritual” 😉 community that I call home (you will find San Marcos La Laguna, Solola, mentioned in many travel guides as one of the anchor places of spiritual development in Guatemala). In the article the writer jumped directly from a New York Times report about an ex-rabbi accused of sexual harassment / maybe even rape of his female followers within the so called “new age movement”, to wild and often obviously very personally colored opinions about just about every type of spiritual man. To generalize like this, is a bummer in itself! But than also why man, when we are actually talking about a personality archetype? What about the hundreds of thousands of women in the world who are so confused, that they abuse their own sexuality to control, manipulate and direct the outcome of every encounter they are involved in?

And sure, in this moment of time, there are probably as many sexual spiritual predator around on the planet, as there are in every other area of life!! You see, normally this fact alone would be reason enough to stop reading, not take the author serious and dismiss what I read in my mind. But, the tricky thing with her was, that she actually hit the nail of what we need to be aware of in order to separate illusionists from authentic and truthful spiritual helper and supporter of our inner process, just her interpretations of why to be aware – where totally of the chart.
So at the end it is not about blaming certain types of people, or even go as far as to say you could identify a predator by the close they are wearing, the style they have or the words they use to express themselves!! But what she got spot on right for example is, that the personal teacher-student, guru-student or leader-follower relationship CAN provide a fertile land for sexual misbehavior to flourish in. So lets see what else we got, in this short abstract of the article. You find my comment on her writing below every paragraph in orange color.m,The Spiritual Man Who Thinks You’re Special:
*) You are a light in the darkness to him. He is your teacher, and he sees soooooo much brilliance and potential in you. He wants to personally help you. You, more than anyone, are worth his precious spiritual energy and time.
Wow, there is so much in this on paragraph already, where to start?! The one thing is that of course it the job of a spiritual guide, to be capable of seeing the true divine potential of every person they are engaging with!!! Also simple dismissing that YOU, exactly YOU, could really be that special to deserve this attention – speaks more about a lack of SELF-WORTH – than a planed abuse of a teacher figure. And if you have met such a person already and he/she turned out to be a predator, ask yourself these questions “do I feel the need to be SPECIAL in the eyes of somebody else”… “how is it that I AM naturally special” and “am I valuating myself enough, to let this “special me” break free and enrich the world now”?

*) The Spiritual Man Who Pierces You With His Eyes: His gaze is unbelievably powerful. When he looks at you, you swear he can see right to your soul. Why do they always pierce you with their eyes? It’s a move of control and dominance.
This one makes me laugh in the first place! Again she is so right and so wrong at the same time. When you meet people who actually are living there life centered in there inner guidance and truly lead by spirit, than they often really see so deep into our soul that it can feel uncomfortable. The more we are hiding from the world the more so. Of course there are people out on this planet only interested in controlling, manipulating or dominating others, but also that is a part of everybody’s personal awakening process, to take self-responsibility and learn, how not to let bullies and dictators play their game. And to advice everybody to think of every man and woman interested in their spiritual development, and by nature equipped with a pair of piercing eyes, as a predator, can really not be misunderstood as truthful, I think.12cc3453578d5f5f4bcdba1504f3e5f8*) The Man Who Wants To Spiritually Connect With You — Through Your Body: This guy can take any scripture of any spiritual tradition and twist it to convincingly mean that spiritual connection is best experienced through sexual connection. Selling teenagers into prostitution? Having multiple wives and mistresses? He’s got scripture to back it up.
This also represents a crazy mix of very serious reality and off the chart accusations!! One one hand there are thousands of years old traditions like Tantra, who helped millions of people understand the process how our souls transition from spirit into matter, in order to give this matter (our body) back to the divine in service to a bigger all including plan; and on the other hand THERE ARE a shitload of sexual predator out there in the scene, or at least many very confused human beings who are unaware of their sexually abusive behavior pattern!! Up from “selling teenager…”, not even worth disguising in this context, goes so far of trail!

And credit where it belongs, allow me also to share an important bit, she got just spot on right!!
*) The Spiritual Man Whose Love And Non-Attachment Are Superior To Everyone Else’s: He challenges you to be strong enough to handle his love. He’s not sure if you have what it takes to be loved by him, and he wants you to prove it. And/or he is a master of non-attachment. He wants to prove how good he is at not getting attached by getting intimate with you and not giving a crap. He convinces you that you are weak because you have human feelings, and he is strong and enlightened because he is a master of non-attachment. He’s not a womanizer — he’s just really good at not getting attached!
There is simply much to add to this one. First that when ever you meet people who have to talk to you about their superiority over you, to secure their “position” as your teacher, guru or leader – they failed already!!! Truthfully by spirit guided authentic leader of the new time, are aware that their leaderships comes from a deep sense for equality of all beings. A true teacher is aware that while they teach you, spirit teaches them on a different level of their own inner process. And the behavior pattern that she is over all describing, are actually the classic traits of a psychopath!!! So yes – watch out when you meet people who treat you like that – they are psychopathic!!! And it might be important to mention, that many people on their conscious awakening path are highly sensitive people, empathic people, people who are dream creator and peace believer.. and that matches perfectly the victim  scheme of a psychopath. So top up your self-love and let nobody treat you like this!!psychopathsDear Ones, over all my conclusion to all of this is that the author is simply expressing a very fearful, extremely limited and totally personal opinion, and that her mindset is that of a war between men an women when it comes to our sexuality. Personally I send her love and the hope that she one day will be open to see men and women as what they truly are – the other half of each others inner divine powers, in a physically different and energetically opposite manifested appearance. And to you I hope it brought a bit of clarity, a little amusement and maybe one or the other explanation of the past.
Bigger Picture, Love & Light!

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