David Bowie – A Spiritual Warrior Sad Goodbye And Our Hearts Weep


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I am sure by now you all have heard of the recent death of David Bowie. For the once who are not familiar with his life and work, he was an amazing English Artist. He wowed the world since the early 70’s with his amazing multi-talent as singer, bandleader, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, entrepreneur, constant self-innovator, actor, painter and master of directing his own creations. David Bowie was known as the chameleon of Pop / Rock music and new how to constantly reinvented himself, his music and presentations. His fearless use of new techniques and materials, broke boundaries in fashion, art and music interpretation all his carrier. His performance of the song “Starman” on 6 July 1972 by the music industry is still considered a revolutionary act, that changed the way how styling, wardrobe and sound was used from there on in the whole pop culture.
And in my eyes, the true beauty of David Bowie is the fact, that he was an amazing spiritual warrior on a deeply committed personal awakening path, brave enough to share every step of this journey with the public eye. A person that started of in the dull and not at all inspiring environment of Brixton, England, and went out to become one of the most inspiring artists of his time. An extremely  fascinating  things to watch in the development of David Bowie as a person and artist, is that her began his carrier as a self-created cult figure, moved from that expression to another designed character and so on, until in his later work no masks, no fake was needed anymore in order to get his message across. He became a man with such authentic self-expression and clarity, that he finally felt free to share is message with a blank face. The writer David Quantick says bout him: “David Bowie made millions of us feel like we were his only fan”, and that is why so many of us feel the deep grief that this death has triggered in so many.mlMy first personal interaction with the art and music of David Bowie was when the movie “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” came out in 1981. I am from Austria, so it was out for us soon after, which means I was 13years old. The German produced film directed by Uli Edel portrays the drug scene in West Berlin in the 1970s. David Bowie is starring as himself, performing a life concert and interacting with the leading lady of the movie. But not only did he play a role, he also distributed all the soundtrack.  The title song “HEROS” hurts until today. Many of you, who read my post on a regular base or have met me, know that i receive, digest, translate, integrate and manifest energetic downloads true music.
Now you need to know that the movie (based on a true life story) portraits the life and drug death of Christiane F., a German teenage girl who had had her first experience with heroin at a David Bowie concert, in the suburbs of West Berlin by the age of 13, and from there on ‘of she went into the rabbit whole’. The movie immediately acquired cult status, which it still retains today, and I watched it for at least a year over and over again. Why, you might ask?? Well because it was the beginnings of my inner healer’s training and the beginning of a long journey of understanding and integrating my shamanic abilities.
When I saw Christiane F.’s life story for the first time, I was the same age she was when her heroin addiction started. In the year before, I had my first shocking to the bones, personal experience with the existence of drugs on our planet. My family was at the peek of our economic growth and we lived in a very nice residential area, and one day in the morning I found the face of my middle brothers best friend on the front page of the newspaper. At a “rich children party” he had helped a girl of 14years to her first heroin shot ever, and it turned out to be also her very last. That lovely, 18year old boy, that I was used to see walking in and out of our house like another brother, had overnight turned into a worthless criminal in the eyes of the society, and went to jail for his actions for 9years.
saNeither he, nor my brother, nor I where ever the same after this moment in time. I started obsessively reading life reports about addiction, discovered the chemical components of different substances known back than in Austria, learned about the psychological pattern of human beings and started feeling the vibration of addiction in all kinds of people. A very confusing time in my life, that had for quite a long time a direct impact on my life.
And, like everything in life that hits us like such an unbearable hammer, it turned out to become one of the blessings of my life, when I later started developing the ability to help other people overcome such dramatic experiences. So I raise my glass and salute the magical master of change and transformation David Bowie, in deep gratitude for being one of the first artists who penetrated with his music, lyrics and vibration my being so deeply; that he could make me feel what it means to live Christiane F.’s life and much more.

Dear Friends, please take a moment with me to tribute this amazing, inspiring, magical soul – man and artist!! He has brought so much light, power and clear voice into this world! I am Sending Love and Blessings to the Starman during his current Space Oddity!! MAY HE FLOAT IN BLISS!!

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