Invitation to an Amazing New Opportunity at New Beginnings

                         ONE-on-ONE TRAINING

My Dear Ones, you who I had the pleasure of meeting and working with know, I love spending time with people who are committed to follow their inner truth and authentic self, who enjoy shrinking and changing into the beings they always have been!! Over the last three years of intense plant medicine ceremonies, I had the chance to train myself in fine tuning my senses, in order to be able to guide others in the development of their most beautiful inner abilities. So I feel happy and proud to present my new service to you. For the year 2016, the collective year of wisdom and authenticity, I will focus on this beautiful training, and hope you feel just as inspired and excited about is, as I do!!!

The training is designed to support the personal healing, spiritual growth, energetic fine tuning and development of special abilities; suitable for Energy Worker, Reiki Master, Body-, Mind or Soul,-Therapists, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Artists, Musicians, and others, who desire to develop their extraordinary personal gifts. It is available for one week, weeks and per month, with a 5 day week/ for 20, 25 hours or 30hours weekly.

The first day is usually spend with studying your momentary mental life approach, the abilities you are consciously bringing into the mix and how far your emotional body is in harmony with your opinions. We decide together what track we want to take for your program and look for the most fitting tools, for you to step into your personal power, your individual strength and authentic expression. From there on intuitive guidance takes the lead and shows us step by step, the direction of our time together and what needs to be addressed.kj

The Techniques involved in the training process are:

  • Channeling of Inner Guidance
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Shamanic Energy Work
  • Tantric Energy Work Divine Masculine / Divine Feminine
  • Varieties of Breath Work
  • Shamanic Shadow Work
  • Psychological Human Studies
  • Tantric Body Work
  • Ascended Master Alignment
  • Family Constellation
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Akasha Chronic Reading
  • Alignment with the Angelic Realms
  • Past Life Channeling
  • Creation of individual Rituals
  • Conscious Grounding Techniques

Dear Friends, if you sense butterflies flying in your stomach now and feel inspired to dig deep into your soul and unveil your highest potential, make your appointment!!
Blessings, Love and Happy Growing!!!



21 comments on “Invitation to an Amazing New Opportunity at New Beginnings

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