Capricorn New Moon – Hope, Change & Balance Increase

new-capby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
here we have arrived at the first big energetic event of the year. The heavens are blessing us with a Capricorn New Moon within the first Mercury retrograde phase of 2016. It is a powerful constellation to start of the cycle of a brand new year. In my post “Welcome 2016”, I mentioned that the numerology of this year is bringing the vibrations of higher wisdom and authentic expressions into the collective mix of our lives. This magnificent New Moon supports us in the awakening of this qualities, by providing us with the inner strength and hope to overcome any kind of obstacles we may encounter on our personal and collective paths.
Pretty much the whole energy field during December 2015 was an invitation to fill ourselves up with light impulses, profound understanding and frequencies of the divine Christ Light, the I AM awareness that manifests our Light Body Process. The events of the 12/12/15 Frequency Gateway, the Full Moon, the Solstice, the Christmas Days and the Solar Storms on New Years Eve, have all been preparation for to be ready for a jump into this amazing wave right now.
This beautiful New Moon is in Capricorn comes with a Venus/Saturn alignment. That means we are collectively confronted with challenges, opportunities and life situations that may profoundly change our personal few on how we live our love relationships, approach our finances, run our businesses and how we are grounding our personal energy field into this world. Over all can expect this moon energies to feel quite balanced, as there are equally strong benevolent and maleficent impacts meeting.1pBut at the same time there is a powerful Uranus/Pluto square coming with this first New Moon of the year, and that can trigger changes which make us question completely our authentic role in this precious lifetime. That means for the ones who are ready to live in an internal state of balance and harmony, this union will strongly increase, for the once who have not found a place of balancing the forces inside – it might be quite a challenging weekend!!! The creative powers of the cosmos are giving us the energetic support to break through, overcome and transform, what ever is in our way to a collective awakening into the Golden Age of Aquarius. As Mercury went retrograde on January 6, there is always a chance for technical problems and computer trouble to show up, as electronics often get irritated when Mercury is retrograde.
The star sign of Capricorn stores another collectively important theme. The fears and past life impacts we are still vibrating with, according to our governments, police forces, the military and big corporations. With this New Moon we now have the chance to let go of all this energies of abuse, and the power they have to control the masses. The amazing cleansing of the first chacra that we also experienced last month, has enabled us to do so. And that will present the human race with a clearer picture for the path of our evolution, and show us the way of where we are going next. We know, every New Moon is also a good time for a New Beginning. A time to set our intentions, dream our most inspired dreams, and think big when we make important decisions for our personal and collective future. I hope this amazing New Moon will aDear Ones, I hope you have a wonderful time with this powerful Capricorn New Moon energies. I hope you have been breathing in the intense light of the I AM presence last month, and are ready to harvest the fist ripe fruits this wonderful weekend!! Keep breathing deeply, keep shining your light and having fun on bringing your true self into the world. Make your choices and New Beginnings from a place of inner peace and authenticity, and you can expect incredibly beautiful blessings to come your way soon!!
Love and Moon Shine! Edith

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