Shifting an Angry World into a Paradigm of Inner Peace & Authentic Action

kkby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
this years amazing frequencies for the collective awakening of humanity, are on a run. The effects have kicked in quite immediately the clock all over the was shifting to the 1.1.2016, and of we went with the wind of change into the new paradigm of peaceful living, harmonious community building and wise decision making when it comes to our future creations and co-creation partners. In my post about the collective cleansing of the first chakra, I mentioned that anger and frustration are two of the feelings that will more and more change for us. The intensity of how some of us have experienced the impact of this emotions, is daily fading more and a chance arises to transform our old behavior pattern to more fitting expressions for the Golden Age.
In general anger is a big one to transform, as or body supports with full force, the idea to move forward with this feeling. When we get angry, the amygdala of the brain (the part that deals with emotion) is going crazy. That makes our physical bodies reaction kick in and it wants to do something about the situation – IMMEDIATELY. Within a blink of an eye, the adrenal glands flood the body with stress hormones, such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisolour, the blood flow increases, feelings of excitement and anxiety arise and your muscles get activated.
Our Anger sets of the natural ‘fight or flight response’ of in the body, we gear up strength to survive a wrong that’s been perpetrated against you. The brain shoots blood into our muscles, in preparation for a physical confrontation. And most importantly – the mind is sharpened and focused within the second!!!! Most important, because this is the split second that also allows us to STEP BACK and evaluate the moment!!! According to well documented scientific research, the neurological response to anger actually lasts less than two seconds. This is why many people picked up on the idea of counting to 10 when angry!!!1aAnd lets be clear on one thing, I don’t think that anger is wrong – or a feeling we ‘should not have’, indeed anger is part of life within a physical body. The naturally build in physical cues of anger alert us, that something needs to be done as the situation we are in, is unhealthy, harmful or deforming for our true self. The thing is just, that we are now inspired to manifest the Golden Age of Aquarius, and the way how we choose to express our anger – is from now on, key to leading the collective of humanity into mass awakening; the level of increase we achieve in our collective ability for problem solving; and on a spiritual level that means, everybody is even more responsible now, to deal with what ever anger issues are left in their system, till this world is ready to live in balance, harmony and a state of world peace!!! Already ~Marcus Aurelius, The Roman Emperor (26 April 121 – 17 March 180 AD) shared a similar few of us human beings and this world, by understanding the whole Universe as a single living being:

“Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all things with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass.”

We are still supposed to stand up and tell our offenders that the behavior they showed is inappropriate, incorrect or injustice in our eyes, in some cases even more than ever (governments, our food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the animal rights, human rights), and we are invited to a new paradigm of communication. A time of honest expression, from a place of openness and vulnerability, that truly allows us to engage with another (even in situations of deep disagreement!!) and actively supports the union in all our human relationships and communities.huge.9.45562Many of you, who read my blog on a regular basis, are Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Empathic People or Highly Sensitive People, that is one of the reasons why you feel attracted to my work. What all of this people have in common is that they are naturally taking in all the problems in the world, which than can create a strong sense of injustice, frustration, anger and even resignation in them, as this are all feelings we are inhaling from a human collective of 7 billion people. And some of us are even called to fulfill their soul path that way. To rise above the impact, in order to be part of the conscious awakening team ;-). There is nothing in the world that can not be forgiven! In history many have walked that path before us, marking the way we now are called to journey together.

“Yes, I was angry. And I was a little afraid. After all I’ve not been free in so long. But, when I felt that anger well up inside of me, I realized that if I hated them after I got outside that gate, then they would still have me! But I wanted to be free, so I let it go.” ~Nelson Mandela upon leaving prison after 27 years of confinement!!

Are you still sure the injustice done to you today is big enough, that you have THE RIGHT for a reaction of fiery anger, rage explosions or even treats / actions of physical violence? In case you hear an inner “YES” than it might be time to check your privileges in life and get on the peace train!! And for all of you who feel they are part of the peace movement already, CONGRATULATIONS… it will get a hell lot easier in the coming month.a2Dear Ones to close the circle, allow me to tell you that I am not sharing this tips and insides coming from an easy life and always been happy. I was angry!! Oh dear was I angry!! And in the last two days about twenty things happened, that some weeks ago would still have triggered something. But today in the morning, I just could not get angry anymore. I could feel this old me, still there in a corner of my body and somehow wanting to keep going the old way, and at the same time my body failed in it’s ‘fight or flight’ respond, so the fire did not go on. May this share bring you hope on your way to deeply peaceful manifestations, may you have others to play with and most of all, may you be free by heart!!!
Peace Hugs and Love!

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