The Impact of Solar Storms on Human Beings – Watch out for the B-Side Effects

imagesby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
after finishing to share my morning post about the Powerful Solar Storm that is saluting this amazing year 2015, and the upgrade in Golden light of I AM Awareness that comes with such an intense solar impact, I was wondering what might be the B side of such a strong sun event on the human psyche, physical and energetic body. So I tuned into the vibes, asked for guidance and checked some facts for us.
On a physical level the impact creates a change in the magnetic field off the human body, just as it does with the magnetic body of the earth. That can easily create disturbances in our biological clock. Many might have had a change in their sleeping pattern in the last two nights, woken up at unusual time and found it hard  to go back to sleep. And this can go on for another 2 nights after the New Year too. So make sure you do rest, when ever you have a minute and especially, when ever you feel like “this is the moment when my body needs to rest”. As such an intense upgrade in divine light is always also a gateway to a possible higher level of Light Body Awakening, it is helpful to listen to the guidance of the sensory self of our body, which brings the received vibrations into directly translated embodiment.

But, this is only possible for people with an organized and disciplined mind, and when we are talking about our human collective, than we are talking about many unorganized minds. Means, that many people will experience the impact as a situation of chaotic and scattered emotions. A solar upgrade in radiance of the physical body, also has a strong impact on the human central nervous system. This can be experienced as simple nervousness, increased anxiety, deep worries, sudden dizziness, sudden physical instability, physical or mental exhaustion, sudden feelings of nausea, migraines and headaches.EverExpandingRealityCollective problems reported during such a solar opening, are an increased number of accidents of all sorts (traffic, household, public transportation,…), as well as much more injuries from acts of violence, public and domestic!!! As many people on the streets tonight will be unconscious about the fact, that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally altered by electromagnetic charges from the sun, PLEASE WATCH OUT for yourself!! Make sure you are well connected with SELF, when dealing with others in this so very special night of shift for all of us.
Last but not least, it might be important to know, the pineal gland of our brain is affected by the electromagnetic activity. It causes the gland to produce an increased amount of melatonin, and melatonin is the brain’s sleep regulator, but not only, it is also responsible for many of our wonderful moments of divine bliss. So while for many people a pineal gland awakening will come into reality over the coming days and nights, for others the confusion, irritation, fear level and frustration will grow. Make your decision, practice lucid dreaming, meditate and listen closely to the guidance of your guarding angels in the hours to come!!

I hope being aware of this impacts helps you feel more at ease in case you run into extreme behaviors today , encouraged and inspired to courageous!! Keep the mind focused and surrender to the process!! Help yourself by calling on the Ascended Masters and Angels! Work with forgiveness and the violet flame and listen to the guidance of your own higher-self! I wish you integrity, inner peace and strength!!
Blessings an lots of Love!  Edith

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