Prepare today your Home and Personal Energy Field for the Vibrations of 2016


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the last day of the year is rapidly approaching and it is the perfect moment to sit down and take a minute for the past. A moment to look back into this amazingly powerful year 2015, with all its ups and down and more energetic high frequency events from the heavens above, than we can count with the 10 fingers of our hands. When we look back, it is not in order to invite melancholy or sadness about past events into our life again, but to evaluate how far we have come this last year on a personal as well as on a collective level. The power of the Numerology year 8 has not betrayed us, and forced us to understand personal power, power abuse, lack and abundance, authenticity and fake. All qualities we need to be able to identify, when seeking to awaken into our higher-selves constant true guidance.
And when we are done looking back and gaining strength from acknowledging the achievements we had, it is the right moment to open the windows, and let the wind of change come in and take away the old. No days more powerful over the year, than today and tomorrow, to use the seasonal frequencies and make our inner life as well as our home ready, for a float of New Beginnings and manifestations for the Golden Age of Aquarius on planet earth.

That means to us that we can use the opportunity these last days in the year are providing, and drop the old reflections in our personal mindset and vibration. The divine energetic support to go the easy way, drop what ever we don’t need anymore, move on from a place of pain to a place of light, is in the air every single minute now. Take a little time ans take you chances!! It is easy enough to make a big difference, in your home and in this world!!!427 simple steps to finalize the cycle of this magnificent year 2015:

1. ) Count your Blessings
Sounds simple enough!? I am sure you all know the feeling when we are looking back over a work well done, a difficult communication harmoniously experienced, a challenge successfully overcome, and how good such a moment feels. So think back to all the good thinks you have done, sway in them for one more minute, enjoy the self-respect that comes from such an acknowledgement, internally and externally, and allow the moment to nourish you self-confidence. That way your good work turns into even more blessings for you to come in 2016, and you will be stronger for your creations and challenges ahead.

2.) Let go of what no longer serves
Most people on this planet have one or the other ghost in the closet. Some little things we are holding on to. That might be on material level (all the small items you picked up to memorize a special minute in time. Guess what, they are holding you anchored in all this moments in your past, which means you do not have your full capacity to be present!!!). On emotional level, leave the pain behind in 2015 and move on to a place of joy and self-love. Drop the old mindsets, and free yourself of people who do not support your spiritual development and awakening to your higher-self. If you do so, you open the doors for you true soul family to come and meet you for a joyous life wants to be shared together!! 2016 will be the year where the first higher-self guided soul families and soul tribes will find each other all over the planet, and start their co-creations together!!

3. ) Clean your Household

The space we are living in, is the space we give our imagination, our dreams and desire to unfold in just exactly that way, that we like them best. If your home is big and you are already tired from the day, than don’t clean it all!! Just make sure your sleeping room is tip top and ready to receive the blessings of a new beginning in the new year 2016!! When we consciously clean our home, we also think of letting go of the old and unhealthy in our life. We wash out the corners of our stuck mind, and open a door for inspiration and guidance to come to us. Simply giving the dust you sweep out the last thought of conscious goodbye, gives the action a twist that the universe will respond to. You can intensify the effect, by repeating the simple phrase of the prayer to the violet flame during your entire cleaning process.28

4. ) Cleanse your house with White Sage
White Sage is widely known as one of the strongest healing, transforming and transcending sacred plants on the planet. That is good news because it means you don’t have to be a professional in order to be effective. To the contrary, the ability, the trait, the power is in the plant itself. No need to be shy, as you cant go wrong even if it is your first time. Sage is deeply rooted in the Native American healing arts, ancestral linage and tradition and can therefore also open a portal to this energy fields. Watch out for flashbacks while working with the plant.
Don’t think to much about it! Get a sage stick, light it, blow on it and walk in a spiraling movement from the center of every room in your house, to the furthers corners of its extension. !!!! Please, don’t forget the dark little corners like closets or storage rooms!!!! They need your attention the most!! Speak out loud or repeat in the mind the prayer below, to the violet flame of transformation (one of the divine rays of angelic light, or existence is build of).

Violet Flame blaze, blaze oh blaze,
in through and around every single electron.
Transform me / us / the room / again into dancing light
until everything flows in
the harmony of t
he divine plan 

5. ) Spray rose petal water in all rooms:
You can get authentic, pure rose petal water in selected New Age shops and some well equipped homeopathic drugstores. If you don’t get a made up tincture, you can always look out for rose petal oil to mix it with water. In case that is your choice – just make sure that it is a pure and high quality oil – with no chemicals involved!!
A pure and high vibrating rose petal oil or water, is holding the angelic vibration of the color pink. The color and frequency of unconditional love and divine grace. Qualities you might enjoy watching unfold in your world! Just adapt the same spiral walk as with the sage, and spray, splash or trickle water in all 4 directions of all rooms in your house. You can also keep up praying the violet flame prayer, or you start focusing your mind on the wonderful self-loving, glorious things you want for the coming year.index6. ) Bless your home
Everybody on this planet comes from the divine essence, and everybody in the world – has the power to bless. You  might not be used to bless jet and it might feel weird at first to consider yourself as somebody entitled to bless, but it work like riding a bike. That also felt unstable, bumpy and a bit weird at the beginning. With repetition and training of the mind to see yourself as worthy, the effect of your blessings will gain in strength. And last but not least – while you are blessings your home, think of the fact that you are a part of it –  don’t miss out on sending some self-love and blessings to YOU!!

Dear Ones, I hope that my words provide you with some inspiration, guidance and good fun, when you are preparing your home for the year to come! I hope that 2016 will be the year where all your dreams come true and all your needs are met, and that you always have loving people with you, to share this amazing experience we call life!! Tons of Love and Blessings

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3 comments on “Prepare today your Home and Personal Energy Field for the Vibrations of 2016

  1. I love this website! Is there a way to play the Enya video on full screen to see it better? It is so beautiful. Thank you.

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