Osho on the Influence of Inner Silence on World Peace

inner-peaceby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
since the Cancer Full Moon on December 25th, there has already been a big shift in the collective level of vibration, creating a little moment of relaxation.The last few days I talked about the magic returning to our beautiful planet, how the 11:11 code is influencing our creations right now and what to expect, when this frequencies collectively settle in and naturally change our behavior. In my post about the collective cleansing of the first chakra for all human beings incarnated, I mentioned our new born potential for the creation of world peace emerging from our inner place of silence. Well I am not the only one who thinks that way. Osho had the same idea, already quite a while ago.

This is what Osho had to say on Silence:
Silence usually is understood to be something negative, something empty, an absence of sound, of noises. This misunderstanding is prevalent because very few people have ever experienced silence. All that they have experienced in the name of silence is noiselessness. But silence is a totally different phenomenon. It is utterly positive. It is existential, it is not empty. It is overflowing with a music that you have never heard before, with a fragrance that is unfamiliar to you, with a light that can only be seen by the inner eyes. It is not something fictitious; it is a reality, and a reality which is already present in everyone — just we never look in. All our senses are extrovert. Our eyes open outside, our ears open outside, our hands move outside, our legs… all our senses are meant to explore the outside world.
But there is a sixth sense also, which is asleep because we have never used it. And no society, no culture, no educational system helps people to make the sixth sense active. That sixth sense, in the East, is called “the third eye”. It looks inwards. And just as there is a way of looking in, so there is a way of hearing in, so there is a way of smelling in. Just as there are five senses moving outward, there are five counter-senses moving inward. In all, man has ten senses, but the first sense that starts the inner journey is the third eye, and then other senses start opening up.kkYour inner world has its own taste, has its own fragrance, has its own light. And it is utterly silent, immensely silent, eternally silent. There has never been any noise, and there will never be any noise. No word can reach there, but you can reach. The mind cannot reach there, but you can reach because you are not the mind. The function of the mind is again to be a bridge between you and the objective world, and the function of the heart is to be a bridge between you and yourself. The silence that I have been talking about is the silence of the heart. It is a song in itself, without words and without sounds. It is only out of this silence that the flowers of love grow. It is this silence that becomes the Garden of Eden. Meditation, and only meditation, is the key to open the doors of your own being. Humanity has simply thought of silence as just an absence — an absence of noises. But it actually has positive qualities, a positive sound. The physical body knows its own silence — that is its own well-being, its own overflowing health, its own joy. The mind also knows its silence, when all thoughts disappear and the sky is without any clouds, just a pure space. But the silence I am talking about is far deeper. I am talking about the silence of your being.
These silences that you are talking about can be disturbed. For example yoga exercise gives a silence of the body, and many get stuck there. Their whole life, they practice, but they know only the most superficial silence. But than sickness can disturb the silence of your body, and death is certainly going to disturb it. A single thought can disturb the silence of your mind, the way a small pebble thrown into the silent lake is enough to create thousands of ripples, and the lake is no longer silent. The silence of the body and the mind are very fragile and very superficial, but in themselves they are important. To experience them is helpful, because it indicates that there may be even deeper silences of the heart. And the day you experience the silence of the heart, it will be again an arrow of longing, moving you even deeper. Your very center of being is the center of the All. Whatever happens around it does not affect it; it is eternal silence. Days come and go, years come and go, ages come and pass, lives come and go, but the eternal silence of your being remains exactly the same — the same soundless music, the same fragrance of godliness, the same transcendence from all that is mortal, from all that is momentary.
It is not your silence. You are it.llSilence is not something in your possession; you are possessed by it, and that’s the greatness of it. Even you are not there, because even your presence will be a disturbance. The silence is so profound that there is nobody, not even you. And this silence brings truth, and unconditional love, and thousands of other blessings to you. This is the search, this is the longing of all the hearts. But remember, don’t get lost in the silence of the body, or the silence of the mind, or even the silence of the heart. Beyond these three is the fourth. We, in the East, have called it simply “the fourth,” turiya. We have not given it any name. Instead of a name we have given it a number, because it comes after three silences — of the body, of the mind, of the heart — and beyond it, there is nothing else to be found.

Dear Ones, I hope you feel energized, motivated and inspired by this words!! I hope you choose to make a commitment of self-love to increase your inner peace and silence, every single day of your life for a little bit. I hope you feel blissfully excited for the time to come and the many amazing collective changes we will experience. Keep breathing deeply, taking in all the beauty this magical time is providing for us, and loving life with every step of the way! Awakening blessings and Love ;-)!

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