What happens when the Magic Spreads – 11:11 Power for a Collective Golden Age

iritualiby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
over the last two days i shared with you, that by now collectively a feeling for life’s magic is awakening again on our planet. The beautiful Cancer Full Moon on Christmas Day has closed a long cycle of energetic shifts into higher frequency for us. After we have moved, transformed and aligned our energies, we are now merging the energetic impacts we have experienced, with our power to manifest the future we desire. With the collective cleansing of the first chakra and the energies transmitted these days, we finally have the capacity to stabilize our life under the guidance of our higher self, the I Am Christ Awareness. The energies of the numbers 11:11, 33 and 55 are playing a crucial role in our awakening till the end of this year.
Number 33 we may playfully call the mover and shaker of the master numbers. As it is the number of world harmony and balance of all powers involved (divine masculine, divine feminine, human need and divine will), it will help the collective spiritual awakening with the transformation of our thinking pattern, bring a higher understanding of the essence of life itself and open us to new levels of respectful communication lead by the heart. A further character trait of this number is to seek a broader understanding of situations, not to jump into conclusions, but learn to express ourselves from a place of curiosity about the other. Another impact it has combined with 11 and 55 is, that collectively our intuition and lucid dream states can reach entirely new dimensions.
The 33energy in its fullest potential is now firing up the collectives ability to interact without personal agenda, but rather focused on all humanitarian issues. The frequencies that are transmitted now also unleash an abundant flow of healing energy, that each of us can become attuned to through an honest, open heart and unconditional self-love. Whenever the number 33 energy field intensively appears on planet earth, it is a collective chance and invitation to raise the human consciousness to higher levels of understanding and expression of unconditional love. It is a very joyous energy, that helps us make the shift into serving the world and caring big responsibilities with ease and with a joyful heart.rreThe number 55 is representing a break away from a mainly static to a more organic or intuitive structure for our world. 55 resonates with the seed of innovation, the freedom and courage to create new path ways, the rebirth of personal freedom through gaining new perspectives on our true life purpose. This energy field resonates with the human capability of learning through our experiences. It allows us to tap into a childlike divine state of curiosity, inspires our forward-thinking process, and makes us aware of the multidimensional potential in every step of our way. Over the next twelve month, we can expect ground breaking scientific inventions to help human kind, spiked with practical idealism that is also including the environment and health of planet earth.
Today’s energy field is vibrating in a particularly feminine quality, a deeply fertile and creative power. It is an invitation to develop the healthy inner mother we need for our personal ascension. It is a perfect day to dream our creations into reality. A moment to create art, play music or paint the picture of you our own soul desires. The 33 energies involved these days, opens up the psychic field between all human beings to receive each others messages on telepathic level. And where the door once is open for such receptiveness, also the spirit world with all her helping hands, has a chance to come thru and clearly guide us on our next step into this collective evolution of consciousness. Due to the strong demand for justice and human rights, the numbers 33 and 55 vibrate, a broader understanding will emerge, of how Brotherhood of Men is truly possible for all humanity. The spiritual / hermetic laws will step by step guide us, in harmony with the divine plan, to the practical manifestation of this collective higher purposes.gJ50g6

Dear Ones, I hope you feel more and more at ease with this magical new energies embracing us. That you will consider yourself blessed, when you start feeling the presence of the other world in your life. That you have fun with the new dreamworld and feel encouraged to explore it deeply!! Don’t forget, the more profound we dive into the authentic expression of our true self, the more light we bring into the world!!! Keep up the faith!! The peace we focus on with so much passion these days – has to manifest over time!!!
Blessings an Magical Love Light!


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