9 Steps Of A Pineal Gland Awakening


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
these days of massive collective chances for personal awakening and inner shifts, many people reported signs of a Pineal Gland opening. In the physical body of a human being, the Pineal Gland is standing in relationship to the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. Better known as “As above, so below; as below, so above”. According to the Native American Code of Ethics, this divine principle demands from us the acceptance of all the Powers of Spirit and Mater. This energies are coming forward inside of us, when the pineal gland is opening to higher capacity.

Here are nine signs for such a pineal gland awakening:
1.) Buddha sad, like wisdom, compassion is a deeply human quality. Compassion is made up of two words. ‘co’ meaning together and ‘passion’ meaning a strong feeling. And this is what compassion is. When we see someone is in distress and we feel their pain as if it were our own, and strive to eliminate or lessen their pain, then this is compassion. So all the best in human beings, all the Buddha-like qualities like sharing, readiness to give comfort, sympathy, concern and caring “all are manifestations of compassion”.

2.) The more open our pineal gland, the further we can look into the wheel of creation, or wheel of karma, as it also called. We start monitoring the repetition of our actions and see the relationship in our everyday life. As we learn about the law of Cause and Effect, we see more of the energy pattern, that demand manifestation in the world. Energies we have set into motion in the first place. Being aware of that helps us break the cycle, and find new behavioral solutions. To be ignorant of the hermetic principles is no excuse and does not safe us from the outcome of our actions, as the universe is not rational in its respond to our existence.5485365_f4963.) We all know that somehow the mind is the creator of our personal reality. But not all of us are pure enough in energy and spirit, that all our thoughts manifest immediately. Before thinking can turn into mater, it has to pass the gateway of feeling. If our feeling world does not agree with our mental state of being, we are in distress. As the emotional body is stronger bound to the physical body (as spirits we don’t feel), we react than according to our lower vibrating frequencies. With an open pineal gland we develop a clearer sense for our imbalances, and can react by taking care of our feelings.

4.) Human DNA is transforming on the awakening path to 12Strands, one more connection for higher vibrations. The elements our physical bodies are build of, are downloading new layers of the divine blueprint for humanity on planet earth. That takes a bit of time and may create one or the other confusion on the way. Physical trouble as: Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu symptoms, digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps and chest pains. Also watch the changes you might experience on energetic level!! Your body may feel lighter at the same time while showing all this symptoms!

5.) Of course the Angels are always present to be there for us, and even look out for many different ways to get our attention. They try so, in order to answer our personal and collective questions about spirit and the divine plan, the world and our collective future. To guide us on our personal and collective awakening path, and remove obstacles from our way. When we ask for angelic help, their advice, healing support or guidance, the Angelic Realms will always answer.angel-of-moon-angels-27385461-300-3006.) When we get attuned to higher energies, more and more doors in our subconscious open for bigger receptiveness. But as most people in the world today, have a very full schedule and engage in far to many daily 3d activities, it sometimes is easier for your guides to make their way into your dreams – than to catch your awareness during the day. So when our connection increases, often our dreams get far more vivid.

7.) The by now constantly exhilarating energy flow, that is coming from the Galactic Heart Center and is guiding our collective awakening process with loving directions, is bringing us all into a state of higher attraction for what we really need and desire by soul. Nearly every week the star constellations and earth movements bring new energy impulses into our energy system. Many of these energies than create, what people call coincidence and synchronicity, chances for us to make leaps in consciousness.

8.) Our intuition basically functions like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it gets. Truth is, that divine guidance is available for us in every second of our life, the question is if we have developed our listening enough, to hear their call. The more often we follow the gentle inner voice without doubt and questions, the louder the voice starts talking. Over time that leads to confidence in the inner connection and courage in action.port9.) That can have many faces. As the veil between the material world and the other world is getting thinner and thinner by the day, it is more easy now for beloved once from behind the veil, the Ascended Masters and our personal spirit guides, to come into our awareness. From repeating numbers, to lucid dreaming, from repeating sound pattern to meeting the same person over and over again, are all signs for divine guidance trying to find a way to be heard by you.

I wish you all a wonderful time developing the amazing blessings a pineal gland opening is bringing!! Hope you feel blissfully excited for the time to come and the many amazing collective changes we will experience. Don’t forget you deserve to feel the guidance, unconditional love and kindness of the Other World!! Keep breathing deeply – and take in all the beauty this magical time is providing for us!
Blessings an Love ;-)!

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