The Intense Shifts of the 12/12/2015 Frequency Gateway

universoby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Beloved ones,
we are still in the full blow of today’s strong Sagittarius New Moon, while the winds of change are bringing already the next energetic shift along. The 12/12/2015 (8 in numerology) frequency portal. This portal is bringing strong transformational experiences to the earth plane and all her beings. The shift creates an immense potential for all of mankind, to take another giant step in our collective evolution. This pressing frequencies take us through the 12:12 Gateway and continues until the Solstice. Be aware that the effects can be incredible intense. Make sure not to engage in any battles internally as externally, stay compassionate and self-loving. Take time to meditate, so you can stay in a state of observation rather than judgment or attachment. The heavens offer us a new way of being, for all those of us who seek Inner Truth beyond the 3rd dimensional drama. Remind yourself that what we experience as “SELF” is flexible and ever changing, and that everyone chooses how they want to be. Do not take things personally and don’t forget to take of the pink glasses, when people show their real face to you.
If you can, take a little time of this weekend and take a good long look at your past. Let go of long term illusions and give yourself some space to grow. If you have a tendency to be the “group fixer”, “the family healer” or “peacemaker,” now is the time to give up on all of these roles. The energies of the universe support you with full power! If  there is some clean-up to do in your family tree, this energy support is a great opportunity to make important steps forward. One to one, heart to heart, light to light, we are birthing ourselves into completion from that point on. In the coming weeks, waves of intense emotions might come up, as a spiritual journey involves the constant transformation of karmic energies. That is what we got our ability as Alchemists of the violet flame for. Sudden waves of emotions, outbursts of anger or intense sadness, increased sensitivity on emotional, mental and physical level, all can be changed and evolved in vibration – by the violet fire of transformation. 2Remember it is easy to get in contact with your inner flame. You just need to show a bit patients and do enough repetitions of an invocation or prayer. Here are two of the most simple examples.

Violet Flame Prayer
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.

Violet Flame Prayer for the Earth
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires.
Earth is a planet of violet fire
Earth is the purity God desires.

This Stargate is also the moment when we integrate the huge wave of energy that was initiated back in August at the 8/8/8 Portal and the Lions Gate.  This wave of Galactic Light Codes has already brought many changes to our lives and to the Earth itself.  This is a good moment to celebrate this integration by focusing on the New Earth, the Golden Age of Aquarius, and the creation of Peace and Harmony on Earth – through Conscious Day Dreaming, Creating Art and Manifesting our true soul desires. When your channels are cleared you will also experience an increased desire for creative expression. You will receive more inspiration to draw or write, dance, sing or compose. Spirit is speaking to you about how you might fulfill your life purpose and contribute to the completion of humanity. Assistance from the Ascended Master realm is with us at any time!44Each one of us has the potential within the space of our heart, to connect to the provided light pathways of the collective God Consciousness in the coming days. The unfolding and embodiment of the I AM Christ Awareness, is now reachable for everyone ready to live stable in the 5th dimensional energies of the Golden Age. So wherever we are, and whatever we are doing, as we consciously open up our heart space, we will feel a new expression of vibration, which is our individual divine light flow unfolding within our physical bodies. It will be at the time of the winter solstice, that we will be able to see and feel the unfolding of the true diamond light that lives inside each of us. So be patient and aware of the changes to come, take it easy, breath consciously and deeply, and let the world one more time shower you with blessings and miracles.

Friends, I can’t even tell you how happy and blessed I feel for this collective moment in time, that will bring us a brand new beginning of thousands of human manifestations, guided by the higher self and the blueprint of the divine plan. The visions we have been holding in our hearts for so many years, will begin to unfold in front of our eyes and guide us home into a daily experienced oneness feeling. May we all be blessed with courage and faith on our way to a world in balance and harmonious co-creation with all beings. Namaste!
Love and New Moon Blessings!!!

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11 comments on “The Intense Shifts of the 12/12/2015 Frequency Gateway

  1. Edith again you have affirmed what I’m experiencing. I love your being and honor it the more I read. Again thank you. BTW it me Simone Allison . Lol!

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