5 Ways How Creating Art Improves Our Leadership Skills

Edhat eDP_artby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
a little while ago I shared a post with the question, if Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Empathic People are the natural leader for our Golden Age of Aquarius. Over the month that followed many people reported, that they start developing their own inner understanding of what that means in their life, and how to bring themselves into the bigger picture of our human collective evolution. Now it might not come as a surprise, that many of this personality types have a deep love for the Arts. So far, just about everybody I met with this traits, has a big heart for expressing themselves in one if the many universal languages that Art is providing. This desire is implanted in their soul, because in general human
leadership is most needed, when facing a complex problem or a new experience that can’t be easily quantified, and the same thing is Creating Art teaching us. When we spend time with our inner voice and wait until it has something to say to the outside world, we automatically  train our eyes to see the divine blueprint within us.
For the healthy development of our oneness world, we need people who have the trained skills and natural abilities to work in harmony with others, a balance that Indigo and Crystals naturally seek. And for all of us it is time to realize who we really are and to step forward, in order to lead with new ideas and initiatives that can bring a Brotherhood of Men into reality on Planet Earth. Creating are and letting our ideas, hopes and dreams take form that way, allows us to connect with our deep emotions, our unanswerable questions, and the general mysteries of life. So here are five ways how creating art can helps us to develop the skills, to become great leader for our community, family our friends and most of all for our own life:a1. Increased Creativity
Creativity just like intuition functions just like our muscles. The more we use it, the better we are in flow and the more easily our ability to express grows. Within a human being, creativity is a mix of the creator abilities we all have (sitting in the first chakra) and the playful, colorful impulses of the divine feminine in the second chakra. So one of the things we do when we create art, is getting in touch with the unsolved past in this areas, which can than lead to the release of this old negativity. Also important to keep in mind, is that creativity is not just about expressing ourselves and creating aesthetics, but also about solving problems. An artist seeks to find solutions beyond our consensual understanding of problems, pushes against the borders of society and develops brand new solutions, from thing that by others are seen as trash. They are pioneers of inventing and testing out new ideas and sensibilities for our collective human evolution. All qualities that are important for effective leadership.

2. Accepting Rejection
Creating art means to take a piece of something that is vivid inside of your own soul, and turn it into a materialized manifestation on planet earth. It means to put yourself out there and happily live with what ever comes back. Sharing our art without attachment to any outcome, trains us to be brave, even courageous in accepting rejection. It is a totally normal thing that not everybody likes the same song, and there is no problem or harm in that. But, there is the big chance, to grow strong inside in order to be a clear channel for the innovations and new information, that can only flow thru you into this world. To be a great leader for a world to come, we will have to go against the mainstream in terms of thinking, and taking on challenges that others can’t understand. So we need to be willing and capable of being ridiculed or criticized for our ideas and actions.descarga3. Training to Be and Share
Or world is now rapidly changing and more and more people are waking up to deeper levels of their own inner truth. Daily more Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Empath are coming into their power and understand their traits as blessings. That also means that there are more people on the planet with the capacity to control every move human beings do, with their physical bodies sensory self (well known as 6th sense). At the same time the picture of what leadership actually means is changing and people realize, that leading has more to do with honesty, authenticity and a unconditional love for the higher good of all, than with money, a position that allows to overpower others or tons of possessions. When we nurture our personal expression through the arts, we turn inward, seek to know ourselves, face inner demons, and ultimately discover our own potential. Doing that makes us real, fearless and even capable of sharing what we found to be true for us.

4. Understanding Universal Symbolism
While we design art, if we are aware of it or not, we are playing with the shapes, the sacred geometries, the archetypes, the numerology, the mythologies and the symbolism of the whole universe. In every piece of art appearing on the planet, there is a spark of the essence that makes us all exist. People who see themselves as artists, poets, musicians, divinely inspired creator have a strong sense of what moves and shapes the universe we live in, and to be a leaders for our collective golden future, we need to have a deep sense and emotional intelligence for how myths and symbols, geometries and music shapes our collective understanding. Just look at big pieces that move the world like the Taj Mahal (that was build as an expression of a the never ending love story), the Bhagavad Gita (written out of love for humanity) or songs like Silent Night that move the masses, all over the world.images

5.) Letting others Shine
While our need to create art often starts in early age as a very personal and individual form of expression, it often grows into a more collective experience. After all, what would be a great lead-singer without a band and backup singers. And a good leader has to be able to co-operate and create with others.  Doing so allows us to develop the ability to let others shine, without feeling threatened or attacked by their abilities. A natural leader knows when to step in and give the collective a direction, and when to step back and let others do their part.

I hope this information has inspired you to pick up your brush, learn a new song, sculpture your momentary feeling, or what ever else your very personal, authentic expression of Art might be. I hope you discover the fun again to do things, just for the sake of doing them, free of desired for a particular outcome and maybe even steered your curiosity of what your soul might be interested expressing. Love and Happy Coloring your life :-)!!!

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