Recognizing Divine Energy Pattern – December 11th New Moon Example


by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I shared this post before, but realized I have not expressed myself correctly about its insides. The most fascinating thing about the following stories is, that we can train our eyes to see the blueprint for the collective divine plan, by hearing about their similarities. In this case by the example of the energy field of the upcoming Sagittarius New Moon on December 11th.  A little while ago, I mentioned in a post that I was attending a Community Forum Facilitator Workshop, with a hand full of other people from my community. It was an impressive experience for all of us and, thanks to the divine plan, we where just at the right time in the right place, to be inflamed by the collective desire for world peace and a new relationship paradigm on all levels of living. So we gathered again on last Friday to dig deeper. Here is what happened next:

Right after our meeting, I was just starting to prepare the New Moon Report for you guys, when I noticed that most themes we spoke about, as well as all events that had happened in my household in the morning, are written in the stars for this upcoming Moon event. For me this was just another sign of confirmation that Highly Sensitive People, Indigo Children (like many in the group are) and Empathic People (a trait that all people in the group share) often are effected by the collective energy shifts provided by heavens, some days before they actually occur. That has a very simple reason. Many of this talented personality types are supposed to develop their personal power right now and understand, it is part of our divine purpose to go thru the energetic  impacts before the collective is effected by them, so we can hold the energy for the masses – when the actual event hits the ground.aatSo allow me to go a bit into the details of what showed itself to be true for:
1.) In our first exercise we were invited to find a partner, go into our inner peaceful place, make contact, and than spontaneously tell the other “something that is true for us right now”. The very first thing I blurred out to my first partner was “ there is so much freedom born inside of me and in the world right now. Over the coming two hours of sharing, 80% of the people present told us a personal story about breaking into new feelings and dimensions of Inner Freedom, that had happened for them in the last days. Each and everyone a completely different manifested expression of this freedom, but each and every one – the same theme, the same realization for immense new opportunities.
From the moon report: This Moon is about Freedom.

2.) One of the incredible blessings we experience together, is that the group has found a common ground of openness and trust very quickly. Our sharing go deep and are allowed to turn out quite emotional. A community member talked about changing her life profoundly in this moment of time. That the energetic power to make this cut came in during the last days and how new, the path she chose, feels to her. That she experiences the endings she is choosing with such grace, that she is moving into her new beginnings with an open and loving heart, free of bitterness, fight or resentment about the change. What an amazing place to be!!! What a beautiful, personal expression of desire for world peace as well.
From the moon report: You can make graceful changes in your life.

3.) Like I mentioned before, already in our first 3 day Forum exchange, we had come to a point of trust and “harmonizing as a group”, that allowed us to generate a lot of energy for the things we feel as our souls desire. Some of this themes are the same for many of the group, some are absolutely individual – as the soul path of every person in the group demands. Each of us has taken first steps into new directions since the last meeting and now shared our ups and downs, hopes and doubts and the directions we want to try next for our lives. What again 100% of the group expressed was, that our general trust and will to follow the gentle voice of our intuition and inner knowing, had increased since our last come together.
From the moon report: Trust your inner knowing. Trust your intuition.fd4.) One thing I especially noticed in today’s interactions, was the increased intensity in the sound of our voices. All of us where talking in each and every sharing not only from a place of honesty, authenticity and self-reflection, but also from a deep “root fire of passion”, that vibrated in the sounds we made, the songs we sang and the frequencies our stories where sending into the sacred space we had created. It was a pleasure to simply watch us in action and see the “holy fire of passion for life”, collectively burn in our individual eyes.
From the moon report: This energy is like fresh air, infusing you with a new passion.

5.) Last but not least, another 100% score in our group, the desire for community building, for equality in our inner circles (to make balance extend to the outside circles over time). The wish to understand how our new spiritual values and human flesh, blood and feeling existence, can fit together and can be brought into realization in the world right now. The individual scream for a family that is chosen from the soul, and shows itself by the traits and qualities the people are bringing into the mix of this groups collective creation.
From the moon report: You empower people when you live your best life. That is walk your talk.

Dear Friends I hope this reflections are steering your passion and confidence to feel into the many expressions the collective energies find in your life right now. That it will open your eyes for the gentle visions, the divine imprint is sending out. That you can embrace the blissful energies equally to the irritations, with all your heart, your inner fire and self-confidence. I can’t even find words to express how blessed I feel for this moment of my life, where I see the things I longed for, the visions I held in my heart and my energy field for so many years, unfold in front of my eyes. May we all be blessed with flashing insides, deep connections and loving hearts here and beyond the veil.
Love and New Moon Smiles :-)!!!

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