6 Signs that your Beloved Once from the Other World come Knocking

afaby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
if you are familiar with my posts and follow my personal shares, than you might know by now that I had to face a lot of death in my life. For a long time that was a deeply misunderstood and heavy to carry burden, that over the years turned into a profound blessing in my life. One thing I wish I would have known with the same profound faith and emotional experience as I do now is, how it feels when our passed away beloved once are with us. Today I know to enjoy and cherish this moments and sway in the feeling they allow me to dive into.

Here is a list of 6 common signs to remember:
1.) You might be lucky gambling:
In 2011 my brother died in an accident and my mother, of 80 years back than, lost her closest son. It was very hard on her as it felt like the natural order is put upside down, and she should have been the one. My mother is a very tough person and did not cry once, during the funeral or days after. But, because of her age, for the first time in her life the doors to the “other world” behind the veil opened for her. She lives alone, loves playing poker with dice and played against herself pretty much every night before going to sleep. The only difference now, since Martin died she calls for his help when ever she wants to win against herself ;-).. and usually she than makes in the last minute a poker or even grande. This is how we role as a family these days ;-)…

2.) Songs or sounds that repeat:
When I was 18years old, my mothers best friend, who was also the only adult friend that I had, diet in an open heart operation. I remember her telling us about her fears and that she is not sure about the positive outcome. 3 days after her death I was sitting with my partner, his sister and his brother in law in a car. We where waiting for another passenger when the radio first played “seasons in the sun”, than three songs in a row, about angels and their guidance and unconditional help in our lives. It was as if everything in the car froze to slow motion, and the radio was talking only to me. Nobody else noticed the change, but that was when I knew, she was right next to me.

aso3.) Sudden shifts in body temperature:
Another thing that happened for me in the moment of realization, that my beloved friend was right next to me, was an immediate shift in temperature. This is something I continued noticing for the rest of my life. Often when the Spirit Guides, Protecting Angels, Ascended Masters or Ancestor Spirits of a person come into a treatment or ceremony, the temperature shifts into cold showers, for a short period of time. Just as long as it takes for the energies to pass the door, enter the room and adapt to the frequencies in the room.

4.) Familiar smell suddenly in the room:
When my father died alone and unnoticed, he was one of the tragic cases you hear of on the news, because he was not found until a week had past. My mom and he where separated since 30 years and his contact to us children was more by divine synchronicity, than by choice. Another 2 weeks passed until I had excess to his apartment. There is no smell like death, and I think the moment I entered his rooms – my physical body remembered every ending I ever had gone thru on my spiral dance of creation. And than in all of this overwhelming feelings, there was his smell. Not just a perfume he liked, or a familiar smell from our shared home, HE – his body as it smelled when I was a little girl, unharmed and full of faith, pressing my small, vulnerable body against his strong, comforting chest.

5.) Having vivid dreams of them:
This is one of the most common ways for spirits to make contact with us. As we are in a relaxed and uncontrolled state of consciousness, during our sleep phases – it is the perfect time for delegate vibrating beings, to enter our awareness. So it is logical that our beloved once also use this open channel. From shared experiences from the past, to scenes you never actually went through together or guidance how to behave in a particular situation, everything is possible. Being aware of this possibility allows us, to enjoy this stolen hours in deep gratitude and take them in as the blessings they are.
ol6.) Doorbell is ringing – nobody there:

I know that sounds funny and you might immediately think of the youngsters in your community, who make it a game to ring a bell and run. But this is actually a very often reported phenomena, as a sign of other world contact. Mostly it happens shortly after the death of a loved one, while their soul is still in transition. It is a message of “Good By, I will go now” as much as a little cheeky “But I am still here”. And this is the perfect time to establish a contact that goes on beyond the veil!!!

Dear Once, there are many more signs of your family being with you, just keep opening to the possibility and listen to the hints. I hope this information gives you faith and courage to listen, smell, sense and allow, when you feel a beloved deceased person come to pay there respects!! There is nothing to fear, but much to gain! Allow them to be with you and keep breathing deeply, when the magic of the melting dimensions is happening to you!!!
Blessings an Love!


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