Travel Preparations for Indigo Children & Highly Sensitive People

Smiling man holding Anywhere sign and hitchhiking at roadside

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
the Christmas Season is approaching an many of us will find themselves on an air plain, a bus or train, traveling to our families and beloved once. Many of us with personal challenges like being an Indigo Child or a Highly Sensitive Person, who are more easily overwhelmed by just about every condition traveling involves (many people, loud noises, unstable energy field, constant chatter, small spaces,…). So it is a wise move, when we are aware of this challenges and start preparing our nervous system already a week or two ahead, so our transitions are experienced more smoothly. Here is a list of 9 steps, to make your travels more comfortable and keep your personal energy field stable and strong.

1.) Create a Personal Ritual
A ritual is an everyday action, that by intention and repetition is transformed into a sacred act. It can involve the same tools every time, or can be created freely every time it is performed. This conscious charge gives the ritual the power to help you center your energy, recharge your batteries from the source of your inner light or divine connection, and gather your emotions into your physical body – so you can clearly feel what is yours and what is other peoples feeling world. The following steps summon up how it goes.

2.) Train your Senses
First thing to do is choose a smell that you like and that supports you calm down. Either you have a favorite smell already, or you can go for a well known system like Bach Flowers, aura soma, or angel essences. Well known flowers to calm the human nervous system are lavender, chamomile and cedar-wood.     Just make sure to already take your traveling conditions in account. That what you choose is available in a small liquid portion or a paste. Next choose a chair in your household, that creates a sitting position closest to your traveling situation. Sit on this chair every day for at least 5 minutes, close your eyes and meditate, deeply take in your favorite smell and train yourself to relax into this two steps.

3.) Train Conscious Breathing
When after 3-4 days the sitting position is not an obstacle for relaxation anymore and the smell starts becoming familiar, add conscious breathing to the mix. Our breath is truly the most amazing tool mother nature has build into our physical bodies. How we breath, how deep we take everything in, how easy we let go of the breath, and how much we can consciously allow ourselves to let go with it… is in my eyes – the definition – of the free will of every human being. The chance to be responsible in our respond to the world, from the first breath to the last. If you are not used to meditate, pick a breathing technique you are comfortable with and start today!!imagesd4.) Prepare yourself a Playlist:
Indigo Children and Highly Sensitive People tend to react stronger to vibrations than the collective does. Usually they are deeper touched and more likely to feel intensively moved by beautiful music and art. Knowing that much, we can use this everyday challenge for our advantage when traveling. The first item on your list should be your favorite meditation music. But prepare yourself, apart from that, also a nice playlist of smoothing and maybe even transcending music. Above the clouds is a wonderful place to channel your spirit and enjoy a bath in divine light ;-)…

5.) Have a Protection Crystal with you:
When you by a Crystal who has strong characteristics to shield energies and for protection, best is first to clean it. You don’t know what your little friend has already gone true i this world. Simple wash it with the intention and focused awareness, to clean and empty it from the past. Black Tourmaline is an excellent example for a strong protection stone. It helps keeping judgment out of your energy field (the stylish Lady who thinks you under-dressed in your favorite jogging pants, the neighbor unhappy about traveling with children,…) and psychic attacks (aggressive or hate vibrating and consciously directed).

6.) Medical Liquid for your hands and feet:
Many Indigo’s and Highly Sensitive people, especially when in any way involved in healing arts, have their hand and/or their feet chakras constantly open. And many who are effected, are not aware of this fact. What does it mean you might ask? It means that many of us pick up other peoples energies by touching the same handle at the airport, the same toilet seat on the bus, the same security pole in the underground even… you get the picture. And the same for the feet!! So buy yourself a bottle of Medical Liquid like the doctors use before operations and clean your hands and feet as often as you think of it, simple by rubbing it into the skin. You can support the cleansing with your mind, by repeating a simple Mantra like “i let go of everything that is not mine”.

7.) Prepare yourself for the Mind Control:
Before you actually enter a Central Bus Station, Train Station and in particular an Airport, make yourself aware of what kind of system you are entering. All this places are designed to transport as many people as possible, in as short time as possible, from place A to place B. But not only, they are also designed to do that with the highest security possible and the highest control over who is going where. So you can imagine that an energy field of control, limitation, judgement, restriction and general fear is hanging over this kind of places. All energies Indigo’s and High Sensitive people are highly sensitive to and easily effected by. Simple making yourself aware of that fact, already helps navigate the situation with more grace and Use waiting phases for Meditation:
While we are traveling there is so much time that literally just needs to pass by, so we can get from A to B. So many hours of valuable lifetime, that we need to wait in airports and waiting halls, time that can be used for inner connection and calming interaction with the higher-self. If you have done the chair exercise from step 2, than it should be possible for you to zoom into the inner world, when the outside world gets to crowded and noisy. Just look for a quirt corner, plug in your Earphones, start the meditation music, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing. You will see that this way not only your travel experience will feel more smooth, but also the waiting time will seam shorter.

9.) Touch your body:
If  it should happen that with all the holding on to your bags, taking care of the kids, following instructions from the security people and still knowing where your passport is, you forgot to do any of the above mentioned steps – thank take the emergency excess right now. Find an empty toilet, sit down and touch your body centimeter by centimeter, breath deeply and aware, maybe even make sounds if needed (you can quietly hum, that brings your energy into the body and releases stress at the same time) . That will bring you fully back into your physical body and ground your energy.

10.) Use your Tools:
This last one is the easiest and the hardest to do. Use your tools! Think of what it is you really need, when it looks like you get overwhelmed. Call in your Spirit Guides, breath deeply and connected, smell your favorite smell and talk to your Crystal. Do what ever it takes to bring your full awareness back into the moment, your physical body, the current situation.

Dear Indigo Children and High Sensitive people, I hope this tips will help you to bring more comfort, more relaxation and stability into your travels. That you find fun on creating yourself a personal little travel ritual and travel kit to go with it, and that where ever you go, you are safe and blessed with divine guidance.
Blessings and Love!

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