10 Signs you are called to be a Western Shaman

woshaby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
yesterday I shared my personal experience of, manifesting my own spirit into my physical body, by performing a song for the group I shared a three day Community Forum with. I ended my sharing with the sentence, “And while the others watched and heard me singing a song, my mind claimed physical immortality“. Again that has created a ripple effect of emotions, that came to me as responds. From a simple, “impossible”, to “who do you think you are” to “you are delusional and blinded by illusions of greatness”, every possible ankle was discussed and collectively decided, that I am not capable of doing, what I sad. So let me explain a little bit closer the term “physical immortality”, from a shamanic point of few. Most people when they hear the words, think of Vampires, Zombies and other creatures trapped in a physical body on earth, not capable of dying. But in a shamanic sense the gift of immortality is understood as – a person who by study, understanding and experience of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical death; has earned the right to choose time and circumstances of their own physical death. And don’t get me wrong, that does not always mean you have a pretty and gentle death… the most famous example world wide for such a death is probably “Jesus Christ”… it only means that you are in harmony in alliance and inner peace with your own physical passing, in the moment of its occurrence.
Now you also should know, that in most Shamanic Traditions, the Shaman was not simply somebody well trained and therefor capable of helping their community but, a person chosen by the spirit guides. A human being with a personal calling for healing and community building, for representing the divine laws in their community and guiding others by sharing their wisdom. The beginning of a shamanic life journey for such a person is very often “a near death experience”, “witnessing the death of another person or bigger animal” or the sudden presence of Family Spirits. The first time I nearly died in this lifetime, was when I was 11month old. My throat started to swell so much, that it took a lot of medication and attention, to get me back on the good side of life. Looks like already in this age I had a feeling for the nearly impossible task it would be, to express myself and be heard, in the family I had chosen as my birth clan. And from this moment on, death would not leave my side anymore. When I was three I witnessed the death of my guinea pig. When I was five I nearly drowned in a swimming pool, because an older girl decided to sit on me on the bottom of the pool – as a respond to a verbal disagreement. Somewhere along the years I watched my second guinea pig die. When I was 10 years old, my middle brothers best friend killed a girl of 14 years – helping her take her first Heroin shot (and we lived in the embassy area of Vienna in that time). I could go on and on until the 3year season of the death of my father in 2009, the death of my very first dog companion in 2010 – in my embrace, and the death of my youngest brother in 2011.
All credits of my claim for “physical immortality” in a shamanic sense. Her Spirit Master guided her but, SHE CHOSE OF HER OWN FREE WILL, to follow them.ashIn this moment of time, many shamanic talented people are born into Western Cultures all over the globe. People with tremendous abilities, but no guidance to help them understand or chance to develop their personal powers. A big amount of Shamanic Souls in the western world, created health threatening conditions such as Deep Depression, Hebephrenia, Schizophrenia, Multiple Personalities, Mental Retardation, Dyslexia, Sexual Disorientation, Hallucinations, Suicidal Tendencies and Spiritual Delusions. All appearing as expressions of their soul desire and true strength, that do not find expression in the world. Now is the time to awaken to the healthy side of all of this expressions and realize our true origin and personal strength.

Here a list of situations and traits often named as signs for a Western Shaman:
1.) You where born “with a caul or cowl”, which is a thin membrane still enveloping the head and face after birth? This is worldwide recognized as a sign of a special relationship with the Spirit World. In Buddhist Tradition it is considered the birth of an enlightened Buddha Being. It represents the still intact oneness of material world and spirit world, after the physical birth moment. A spirit so clear, that it stayed unaffected by the birthing process.

2.) Has your birth been especially difficult, intensify traumatic or even life threatening? Welcome to a lifetime of shamanic soul experience!! You seam to have chosen the thin line between life and death, the small part of this same coin, to dance your life on. This kind of experiences are invitations to learn profoundly the teachings of wisdom about death, in order to overcome the illusion and gain “physical immortality” within this lifespan. The possibility is there – the leap of faith is yours to take.

3.) You have paranormal abilities, such as predictive dreams, telepathy or regular past-life contact, from childhood on? You are able to cure or relieve physical pains by using your hearts unconditional love, prayers and/or your hands? There are always some early signs for a special gift, a call a feeling for purpose, when you are destined to be a Western Shaman. As these qualities proceed from years, even lifetimes, of suffering, sacrifice, and impeccable human effort.

4.) Have you fallen deathly sick in early childhood, survived a deep coma, had a near death experience or spend your nights constantly in the state of lucid dreaming? This are all considered calls from the spirit world. In shamanic traditions especially being on the verge of drowning and survived a fire of some sort, are seen as signs of a calling to become a Shamanic Healer.

5.) Do you have a tendency to guide yourself thru shamanic journeys and are able to allow there, what ever needs to happen without taking harm? A person usually brings back shamanic powers from such a journey, especially when it included terrifying and dangerous situations. If you have a talent to guide yourself thru the dark and back into the light – than you also have a talent to guide others!Shamani6.) In this ordinary reality or in your dream world, have you met the same animals over and over again?? Do you feel what they are thinking? Are you able to communicate with wildlife thru your consciously directed thoughts? Can you sense the natural powers and abilities the animals have, that are also valuable strength for a successful human life?

7.) When you enter an old building, can you sense the lifetimes spend in this walls? Do you see inner pictures of outstanding life moments, experienced by people who lived there? Can you sense when Spirits are still living in the house and feel curiosity about their reasons to stay on, maybe even the call to help them move on? That’s what Shamans do!

8.) Have you shown tendencies to be a splendid artist, musician, dancer, poet, singer, craftswoman / man or entrepreneur, from childhood on? Have you always felt that your art expresses by vibration your true-self better, than any words could ever do? Are you naturally directing energies with your musical expressions? Do you feel a need to create harmony, healing and peace, when you consciously send out your vibrations into the world?

9.) You have a strong desire to help others, and clear spiritual insights how. You have a strengths for self-healing, on mental – emotional and physical level. You can allow yourself to propeller through the dark tunnels of fear, anger, aggression and hatred, to a place of faith and divine sanctuary – within the whole Universe. And you feel the need to take others thru this tunnel into their own soul’s light.

10.) You regularly have met Angels (that can mean see them, feel them, hear them,… what ever your form of receiving is) have repeatedly encountered the same teacher figure or animal spirit in your dreams, your games or quiet time, when you where little. Did this energies stay with you when you grew up? Can you still contact them at any time? Did they become your friends and love whisperer? A natural Shaman feels the inner need, to cultivate this kind of special relationships.

I hope this little set of insights allows you to connect with the inner shaman in you. That if you find yourself gifted according to this list, you may find a wise and kind teacher, who can lead you to the fully developing your strength and beauty in this world. With a Shamanic Gift, you have the incredible chance to see the whole world as a place of magical games of energy frequencies.  A place of love and light in different degrees of vibration. With some devotion and practice it can become your second nature to link into your personal divine guidance when ever you need it. And always remember, you are worthy to live your life to the fullest, to love and cry and dance and sing as long as you “sail your vessel 😉“!
Love and Blessings

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