7 Signs your Spirit Guides are Present

guiby Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
as the energies are settling in and we slowly get a feeling for the changes the intense September energies have created. The high energies attuned many to higher understanding and clearer direction, for our collective and personal soul path. As it looks like, lot’s of people have been newly connected to the guidance of their Spirit Guides. More and more people write to me with questions, how to identify the presence of a Spirit Guide, Angel or Ascended Master, Ancestor.
So here a short guide of occurrences, you can be sure are the actions of your Divine Helper. Hope you have lot’s of fun identifying situations of connection, and enjoy talking to the loving forces from above!!

1.) You sense changes in the air:
Sometimes while we are engaged in a random everyday life activity, we suddenly feel with inner clarity – I am not alone in the room, even when you physically obviously are alone. This other presence could trigger feelings of anticipation, of excitement without knowing why, or an inner peace you had not felt just a minute ago! You might experience a sudden explosion of faith, safety and clarity that you are loved. Also a lot of people feel a change of temperature. When you are in a closed room, with no window open and no wind blowing and all of the sudden you feel a wall of warm & cozy, or fresh & chill air in the room – that is a Spirit Guide.
Now, if you are new to talking to forces from the other world, know that there is no reason to be afraid!!!! They are not coming to do anything to you, that you don’t want them to do!! You always have the right for free will!! Should it ever happen that you feel uncomfortable with an appearing being, simple shout out “Identify yourself or go”, do that 3 times and it will disappear, if it was an energy field with negative intention.
As for your Guides, treat them like any other friend at your door! Invite them in!! Ask for their name, share your day….na2.) Vivid Dreams
When we get attuned to higher energies, more and more doors in our subconscious open for bigger receptiveness. But as most people in the world today have a very full schedule and engage in far to many daily 3d activities, it sometimes is easier for your guides to make their way into your dreams – than to reach your awareness during the day.
So when our connection increases, often our dreams get far more vivid. You could see colors, where before there was only black and white. The storybook of your dreams may become much more complex. And sometimes you will have the same dream again and again. This is because sometimes our subconscious needs several turns, to be able to tune into the deeper sense of their message. You can compare it to a real good movie that you watch for the 5th time and still see details, you did not notice in the viewings before.

3.) Repeating Lyrics
This is my personal favorite of all the ways I saw guides taking, to reach the human’s ear with their sound of guidance. It is a pleasure I experienced all my lifetime. I am talking about a song…. a random melody,… and its lyrics.. repeatedly being played in every radio you pass by, in the home of a friend – the moment you enter the door, its the background music of a shop – but most importantly – in your head. If this is happening to you, if you sound or sing a song in your head over and over again, maybe even find yourself repeating just one single phrase – pay attention to the lyrics!!!!
If you don’t know them – go on internet and find out. If you don’t like them – embrace them!! This lines have something profound to do with YOUR LIFE!!! They might tell you about a challenge you just overcame. They might tell you about a desire, still waiting in your soul to be released into the open. Or they might whisper to you about a future manifestation, jet to be dreamed about.. so it may come into materialization for you.. What ever it is, this lyrics have something important to tell you about yourself!!!aa4.) Synchronicity
I would probably call this my second favorite, because it involves interaction with others. Synchronicity is a feeling like everything clicking into gear and aligning in a way, you could never have predicted before. The outcome is bringing simplicity and ease into our life. Just yesterday we had the perfect little triangle Synchronicity on facebook. A friend commented on a post, requesting music. While I looked up a link to share, a second friend commented with the same request. I posted the music and the second answered laughing, that she just listened to exactly this piece. At the same moment she posted another link with music and… you can probably guess it by now… the first friend answered with LOL.. I just finished listening to this piece…
Three women.. three songs.. triangle closed.. perfect synchronicity.. 😉

5.) Crown Chakra Activity
Some Spirit Guides chose to get your attention with the creation of several physical sensations. You might experience a tingling on the top of your head, the point where your crown chakra is sitting. An itching of your head or even a strong pressure – only slightly different from a normal headache. But not only our crown is an interesting spot to connect with you, also our pineal gland (the third eye) is of biggest importance.
You see, the crown has the ability to receive downloads of energy frequencies to alter our awareness, but the pineal gland knows everything about dreaming your world into reality, about inspiration, visions, intuitive receptiveness and more. So make sure your body is clear of toxins, choose healthy salt versions and change your water and toothpaste to a FLUORIDE FREE brand!!!13887837926621_f6.) 333, 3333
Especially during this last Month of September, the amount of people who reported their increasing awareness of repeating number sequences, was mind blowing for me! Constantly people started noticing numbers in sets of three or four. All of the sudden it looked like for the whole human collective, everything turned into a number messenger of the divine forces. Every time looking at a clock, every license plate, the address you where send to – to get the job you so desired since a long time, being added to a brand new group on facebook – I was member 777,…..
The simple explanation is, the blueprint of the universe can be decoded by understanding their energy frequency true your sensory self. This is what we have to study. The Number 3 is representing the force of the divine feminine energy and it is the number of the Ascended Masters. If you repeatedly see number sequences of 3s, the Masters are trying to invite you into a more conscious relationship with them.

7.) Meeting a person over and over again
Have you ever experienced that? That you run into the same person in the most random places, in the most weird of places, in a different city, on an airplane?? It can be that you notice again and again the same face of a stranger in the crowd, or that you meet someone you know but never really engaged with. If this is happening you are asked to be brave and walk up to this person and make contact. They just might have the most important message of the day for you!!!

Hope my lines motivate you to be courageous and trust yourself, the next time your guides try to talk to you. There is no difference between this and the other realm, apart from the degree of density in appearance and purity in spirit. And don’t forget – in order to receive proper help from our spirit guides, we need to feel worthy to be guided!!
I wish you a wonderful day, blessed connections and maybe today is the day of your guides big breakthrough!!!
Love and Light

Please feel INVITED to share this post on social media or on your block, just keep all links and credits active PLEASE! THANKS!!


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