Are Indigo Children and Empath our Natural Leader for a New World?

38by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
our world is changing and we are still about to grab the bigger picture of what it means to go thru a number 8 Numerology year. One of the themes we are triggered to understand on a deeper level, is our idea of what it means to be a true leader.
When we look into the society we collectively created so far most people would probably say a leader is a person of strength, of big knowledge, a charismatic, headstrong, probably courageous being – with maybe even an intimidating personality. But than, when we look into the society we have right now, we also have to admit – that did not quite work out so well for us!
I was born in the 70s in Vienna-Austria, as an Indigo Child, Introvert and Empath. When I was little, we lived in a residential area next to diplomats, local politicians and the economical elite of Vienna. People of great power and influence in the world. I always felt like an outsider, somehow alone, different than others, more like standing on the sidelines of life watching the figures in my world make their moves – than emotionally present with them. Something many High Sensitive People experience as a challenge in their life. During the years of my parents divorce, I had to switched schools quite often, which did not make it more easier for me to feel connected.
But, every single time I meet people who where in class with me, they tell me how much they loved my “loud voice against injustice“, the frequency of change that came with me into the classroom, and “that I lead them” into more authentic and courageous expression – when talking to the teachers. Some call it revolution ;-)…
Do you see where I am going with that?

Indigo Child & Empath use all their being when listening to others:

Empath just like Indigo Children and High Sensitive, experience the world through a different perspective than the average person. Most people with these traits are used to live their life in the extended energetic state of the 6th sense. That allows them to read other peoples energies and emotions, while talking to them.
Something else that differentiates the behavior of most Empath, Indigo Children and High Sensitive from the collective is, that they are used to listen to people with the intention to hear THEIR TRUTH and to understand the motivation behind the spoken word. That creates a field of security – a warm embrace for the talker, which naturally leads to more freedom in expression.

Stephen R. Covey once sad, images That’s a problem as it does not create human relationships but distance.

When I am honest, most of the impressive men in leading positions that I met during my childhood, scared the living hell out of me. They where simple unapproachable!!  No warm feelings or no openness, there was nothing that mad me feel safe – in the energy field they where radiating.
For me that is a clear sign, that sensitive personality types are rather the more effective “natural born leader” in our world. They have the capacity to do a better job, as its natural for them to put their egos aside and truly care for others. Their communication skills include the awareness, that transparency and honesty are required to create an authentic relationship with others. That are traits of leader for me, traits I desire seeing in Politicians, Teacher, Doctors and Police officer!do

Sensitive people feel the need to balance their environment:

Why would that make them good truthful leader? When High Sensitive people interact with others, they are naturally looking for a win – win situation for all beings involved. If that is not the case they feel very uncomfortable and could even make themselves sick. Most of the political leader we have at the moment, are puppets to the system they are working in. Indigo Children are literally born with the soul purpose to lead the human collective, into the manifestation of the Golden Age of  Aquarius and change that!

Sensitive people mainly seek to make their decisions, based on the needs and for the best of the collective. They experience it as rather natural to consider the feelings and opinions of others, in their evaluation of a situation.
To me – that sounds like a healthy natural leader. If in a political position, a developing project, a cooperate job or the little family clan, that is what the world needs!!

Self-study makes them more accepting of human nature:

Many Empath, Indigo Children and High Sensitive are often also rather introverted people. It kind of comes with the shared traits this personality types usually have. Because many of them feel weird and as outsider in their society,  they spending more time trying to understand themselves than most people do. They study their own behavior and human nature, with the intention to feel the beauty of oneness.
In a conversation with others they than apply the gained understanding, in order to connect on an even deeper level. It makes their ability to accept the inner dynamics that are at work in peoples emotions, much profounder than most people are able to find inside themselves.

introversion introvertWhen self-empowered, the highest good of all is naturally their goal:

Once Empath, Indigo Children or High Sensitive people understand the incredible gifts they carry inside, nothing can stop them from using them for the higher good! The sensitivity and vulnerability that is part of their nature, makes them strong and highly co-operative creative partner. Their natural mindset and positive attitude about leadership in co-operation, allows them to be fearless in finding new solutions for our collectively evolving humanity.
They carry the ability and courage to create strong impacts of positive change for our world!! Change born from compassion for self and others and the need to create balance and harmony for everybody!!

So if you identify yourself as an Empath, Indigo Children or High Sensitive person.. STEP UP… develop your personal beauty, strengths and divine abilities, and go out there to do the job you came for!!! Don’t be shy in taking chances!! Don’t forget, that you have everything you need already inside of you!! You can study alone, take a teacher to help you develop your truthful expression or a group to share your steps with. Do what ever it takes to be the person you wanted to be, when you decided to live on this beautiful planet!!
I wish you clarity and strength on your path into your future leading roles on this planet!!! Blessed be your beautiful, crystal clear souls!!
Love and Blessings

Please feel INVITED to share this post on your website or social media, just always keep the credit and links active! THANKS!!!


52 comments on “Are Indigo Children and Empath our Natural Leader for a New World?

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  2. Excellent article!

    I could resonate with the ideas of Indigo’s being innate leaders based on the ability to intrinsically balance an environment by being more receptive and aware of others needs and desires.

    Also I resonate with the self-isolating and not-afraid-to-be-defiant aspect of sensitive Indigo’s! This is my condition to a T, which creates a slight difficulty with dealing with drama of others on a regular basis.

    But with enough courage and resilience, it would be worth it to have indigo’s take charge, based on the cohesiveness they can create by integrating the collective and understanding how to facilitate balance.


    P.S. I would just like to note a slight typo in the first paragraph where you said, “I had to switch schools a lot, which would not make it more easier.”

    I believe the proper way to say this would be either;

    A.) …more easy…

    Or B.) …(drop the “more”) …”easier”…

    Thanks for this insightful information! =)

    • Dear Indigo Sage,
      thank you so much for your lovely reply! A part of my soul purpose is to support Indigos and Crystals in stepping up into their powers and do what they came to do! It is an inspiring and incredible rich path to share with so many incredible beautiful and talented people from all areas of life.. and I truly believe the within the next 7 years their time to shine in leading positions has come… we simple need this type of sensitivity for a brotherhood of men!!
      As for the mistake .. i mend to say .. which did not make it easier… but sometimes when writing and proof reading over and over -things simple slip my attention.. my apologies ;-)… All the best for your shifts!! Step up and shine INDIGO…

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  6. Thanks, Edith for your Sacred Warriors wound that you are using to give us all this info and Inspiration! (My lovely , x-husband ,who I married in 1992 on this very day was from Vienna.I do understand.)
    I do also have a childhood like yours , born in1951 in SE Georgia, USA, and traces of the Indigo, empath, and overly sensitive person , I can say. I am here to do my Light Master work and you and are Sisters,
    Thanks again , Lots of Love, Merris Cristi

    • Dear Merris Cristi,
      thank you so much for your lovely and kind reply.. I do feel grateful, happy and blessed to be a part of this amazing collective shift and thanks god can say – there is no wounded Healer in me anymore… but a very potent, healed and completed one ;-)… Namaste beautiful sister… All the best for the part you are playing for us!! Blessings and lots of Love back!! Edith

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  48. May I simply say what a relief to uncover an individual who
    really understands what they are talking about on the web.

    You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it
    important. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of
    your story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular because you certainly have the gift.

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