The Collective Laws of Human Existence: Divine-Humanity-Nature


These three levels of laws are constantly affecting every human being on the planet, if aware or not. The divine laws – seven principles, known by many as the Hermetic laws – explain how the universe is built and therefore how this living organism is influencing us.

The laws of humanity are represented in our world by the Native American tribes and their life  in harmony and respect for every being on the planet and for mother earth. The principles their life’s are build on are a direct translation of the Hermetic laws for all humanity. The laws of nature are a materialized visible form of the same Hermetic principles, represented by mother earth.

It is very simple to contemplate how to improve your own life’s quality once you are aware of all three levels. Looking at them in a united, all including way, they unveil to you their correspondence to each other and what that means for your daily life.

When you are studying this three levels of principles with an open mind and open ears, within a short period of time, life will carry out one synchronicity after the other in front of your eyes, to make you see the laws and understand how they are broken. Once you did that, you know how you co-created every moment. You know how to transform in the past created karma and how you can actively start creating positive manifestations into your life.

The Collective Laws for Human existence workshop can empower you to:

  • Deal positively with the challenges of your daily life.
  • Gain a more refined understanding of many details of the “bigger picture” life provides.
  • Gain much deeper insight into any kind of conflicts and their solutions.
  • Understand how your karmic past was build and direct your energies towards new positive manifestations.
  • Ingress your feeling for natural harmony and balance in life.
  • Align you to act according to the deep needs and desire of your own individual soul path.
  • Lead a more relaxed, guided, blessed and abundant life.

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