The Ayahuasca


In its essence the Ayahuasca spirit is the sacred union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies of the universe in absolute harmony and balance. When approached for a sacred ritual the shaman transforms the plants into a tea in order to work with the spirit. Made of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis, a shrub from the family of the coffee bean, the Ayahuasca is carrying an intense movement of an upwards spiraling dance into the energetic body, the movement of the soul reaching up into heaven. At the same time there are immense grounding abilities. The coffee bean, dropping into the heart of the earth itself is reaching out to the human part, bringing us deep into the physical body. The ritual allows old, long buried wounds to be transformed and brought into healing.

Trough drinking, the human being enters a state of altered awareness, which allows amazingly beautiful insights into the heart of creation itself and leaves people with a better understanding of how this universe is built. How small and insignificant and at the same time powerful and important each and every human incarnated soul is for this world. The Ayahuasca allows us to see, feel and hear again that we are one. One with the universe, one with the elements of the earth, one with the animal kingdom, one with our neighbor. I deeply believe that it is the most powerful weapon of love, the most sacred union of healing helpers on mother earth, within the nature kingdom. Now I see the Ayahuasca coming forward all over the world, inspiring people to take a peek at the bigger picture. These spirits are on the planet in order to support humanity walking their path and the divine plan of a Golden Age of Humanity to unfold in its absolute beauty.

Personally, I am in love, totally and utterly in love!!! The connection the Ayahuasca spirit is providing is the vibration of absolute unconditional love.  That is the degree of vibration I am tapping into whenever I am in communication with the spirit and that is the constant state of “BEING” in love.

And in my soul there are many beautiful memories of life times spend in service to this wonderful healer. These energetic imprints, the bliss, the purity the clarity and easiness it is giving, are the reason why I feel called to work with the Ayahuasca spirit again in this life.

Working with the Ayahuasca spirit can assist you:

  • To increase the sensitivity for your own energy flow and gain a better understanding how you are effecting others with it.
  • To connect with your own inner soul path and divine guidance.
  • To increase the feelings of happiness, bliss, clarity, purity, connection and relaxation in everyday life.
  • To clear your system from energetic influences and entanglements.
  • To heal addiction, depression, manic-depression, bi-polar disorder and other mental problems.
  • To gain a bigger inside into the mystical game life is providing.
  • To find the inner light of love and divine guidance. A clear feeling for your own beauty, your special gifts and blessings for this world.

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