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This one on one training is designed to support the participant in understanding and applying personal healing, energetic fine tuning, the development of special abilities and conscious spiritual growth. We are working with a mix of intuitive spiritual guidance, psychological advice, shamanic energy work, intense breath work, forgiveness and treatments. The training is available in sets of 5 days the week, for 15 or 20 hours weekly.
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mirrorShamanic energy transformation is a way of reaching into the source of all existence. The place where quick and deep changes can occur. Its underlying principle is that our emotional, genetic and karmic history can leave dense or heavy imprints in our light body field, which can create mental problems, emotional, energetic and physical dysfunctions.

The word shaman literally means “who knows”. Shamanism is a universal healing style that has not changed in any significant way for thousands of years and is not bound to any particular form of spirituality or religion. Shamans act as a medium between the physical and spiritual realms and recognize that all objects are alive and therefore in their essence changeable.

The shaman enters an altered state of consciousness, the spirit world, in order to connect more directly with the pure soul of the client or with the forces causing trouble for the client. In this state it is possible to transform the existing energies, to increase strength, clarity and guidance, where you have lost your orientation.

Shamanic energy work is a natural part of everything I am doing.

Shamanic Energy Transformation is helpful for:

  • When you feel stuck in a behavioral pattern which continues to repeat itself.
  • When you are struggling to heal from pain that is part of your ancestry.
  • When you need to remove emotional traumas or karmic imprints from your past.
  • To break habits that are creating negative manifestations in your life.
  • To free yourself from feelings of low vibration as fear, anger, jealousy, self-worth issues, insecurity.


masterThe Ascended Masters are basically humanity’s elder brothers and sisters. Beings of light supporting the ascension process of the earth, the human collective and of the individual. Most of them walked the planet for many lifetimes, refining their light body through the practice of constant energetic awareness. By being authentic to their soul’s deep wisdom, and a daily practice of devotion to the divine plan and guidance, they balanced their karma, completed their spiritual mission and fulfilled their ascension. At this moment of time they chose not to live materialized on planet earth.

By studying the Ascended Masters life’s, their devotion and pure connection to the guidance of the divine plan, everybody can develop a feeling for their loving, helping presence and the endless ways how the Masters are there to assist humanity.

About 1995, the Masters started coming into my awareness. Already all my lifetime, I had a clear feeling for the difference in the energy field of a person incarnated, or beings from the spirit world. And all my life I could fell the “other world” walking right next to me. So I guess it was kind of easy to get in contact with me. I was not quite aware jet about my inner energy flow, but I could sensed that the beings surrounding me where angelic, positively charged and uplifting. I could allow them to work on me and let happen what had to happen, but did not feel able to work with them jet.

Over the years I developed the ability to call them in one by one. To ask for them to appear and more and more Masters came. I gained a deeper understanding of how to work with them and a clear feeling, emotional connection and mental openness – to who is coming through me. To what kind of energetic vibration they provide and what the qualities are we can embody with their loving help.

Most of the Ascended Masters have been on the planet before. They know what it means to be a human being, indeed they long to work with us and support the ascension into the Golden Age of Humanity!!
And the veil has lifted so much in the last twenty years, so many illusions have been uncovered and transformed already. It is much easier today to get in touch with them, than it was before the 2012 shift.
So make your call! Make your connection! They are waiting for you!!

Being connected with the Ascended Masters means:

  • To have energetic assistance if you do not feel strong enough to master a confusing or emotionally unsettling situation alone.
  •  To live your life in the awareness that a trustworthy, strong friend is by your side in even the most challenging or dark moments of your life.
  • To find comfort and healing for all human pain and suffering, created during your ongoing spiral dance of existence, for past and present lives.
  • To know you receive the support and strength of many different divine sources to transform, elevate and stabilize your energetic field.
  • To reach your own ascension by studying, contemplating, understanding, integrating and finally embodying the Masters qualities